• "World War 3" was quietly being developed since it was pulled from Steam in 2020
  • The developers have worked extensively to improve the game's biggest pain points
  • Update highlights include improved UI, better animations, reworked gunplay and redesigned maps

The online multiplayer shooter “World War 3” was thought to be dead by many players, but recently, The Farm 51 released a trailer showcasing all of the new features it has been working on since the game was removed from the Steam catalog last year.

A development update video was uploaded on the official “World War 3” YouTube channel, showcasing many significant improvements from the game’s first iteration. Many of the early testers’ complaints were seemingly resolved, with the game now having improved maps, better UI, significantly improved weapon animations and more.

“World War 3” is an online modern military shooter that is heavily inspired by the “Battlefield” series. Players can fight in large, open maps using a wide variety of modern weaponry, vehicles and support tools like drones and artillery. The game first released as an early access title back in 2018 but received middling reviews.

World War 3 features large battles with infantry and heavy armor across realistic battlefields based on real-life topography
World War 3 features large battles with infantry and heavy armor across realistic battlefields based on real-life topography The Farm 51

However, “World War 3” catered to a more hardcore FPS audience by introducing more realistic gameplay mechanics. The game’s ballistic system was complemented with authentic body armor simulation that stopped bullets completely.

These systems were further supplemented by a weight system, realistic vehicle physics, in-game player body awareness and an extensive customization system that served both practical and aesthetic purposes.

At launch, the game failed to keep its servers populated. The initial release was problematic, and players were unable to enjoy the game due to bugs, network issues and a general lack of polish. In 2020, The Farm 51 announced that it was going to stop selling “World War 3” on Steam so it can work more on it without any interruptions.

Judging by the content shown in the new development update video, The Farm 51 took the feedback it received from the early access phase quite well. Many of the game’s maps were updated to be easier to navigate and more interesting to look at and fight in.

Meanwhile, the weapon animations received a very noticeable overhaul. The robotic movements seen in the early access phase have been replaced with smoother and more natural animations, and the recoil patterns of weapons have been greatly improved to be less rough and more realistic.

A new release date for “World War 3” is not yet available, but more updates are expected from the developers soon.