Russian extreme-sports athlete Valery Rozov broke the record for the world’s highest BASE jump earlier this month on Mt. Everest, plunging from four miles up.

It took Rozov, 48, more than four days to make the four-mile-an-hour journey to the ledge of Mt. Everest, which he reached on May 5. Getting down went a lot faster: His descent speed hit as high as 124 miles per hour.

“Only when I got back home did I see how hard it was for me both physically and psychologically,” Rozov told Red Bull, which sponsored the BASE jump.

The feat marked the 60th anniversary of the first ascent to the top of the world’s highest mountain peak. Some 60 years earlier, Edmund Hillary and Tensing Norgay made the first ever ascent of Mt. Everest, attracting countless athletes from all over the world. However, as Red Bull noted, no one has ever attempted a BASE jump from Mt. Everest until Rozov. Before the journey, Rozov spent three weeks wearing a special wing suit and acclimating to the altitude at a base camp.

Of course, this is not Rozov’s maiden voyage; The 48-year-old has made more than 9,000 jumps in his career, including a nearly four-mile jump off the Himalayas and a jump into an active Russian volcano on the Kamchatka Peninsula.

Watch the video of Rozov breaking the record for the world’s highest BASE jump below.