This summer, Bobby Flay rejoins Anne Burrell to whip a new roster of disastrous cooks into culinary shape in the return of "Worst Cooks in America".

The hit series pits two teams of the country’s most atrocious cooks, one led by Bobby and the other by Anne, against each other in a kitchen boot camp designed to transform their food skills. In the end, only the one recruit who makes the most impressive culinary transformation wins a $25,000 grand prize and bragging rights for their team leader.

Want to go on the show? Easy. Just fill out the online 42 question application. Know someone who belongs on the show? No problem. Fans can nominate a person to appear on the show by filling out the nominator application.

While waiting to hear back, fans can brush up on their technique and tune in to see which one of the newest batch of contestants becomes victorious.

"Worst Cooks In America" premieres August 4 at 9 pm EST on the Food Network channel.

Worst Cooks In America - Bobby Flay, Anne Burrell and Contestants
Chefs Anne Burrell and Bobby Flay and recruits from Worst Cooks in America. Food Network