Wow Air Discounted Flights
Stranded Wow Air passengers can take advantage of the offers by several other airlines for discounted airfares with an Air Wow flight reservation. A picture taken on August 6, 2018 shows a Wow plane on the tarmac of Roissy-Charles de Gaulle Airport, north of Paris. Getty Images/JOEL SAGET

With Wow Air stopping all operations and grounding its fleet, thousands of passengers are stranded at Keflavik Airport in Iceland as well as in cities throughout North America and Europe. These passengers were left to fend for themselves as they try to figure out how to get to their destination city or back to their home.

Even passengers with upcoming flights on Wow Air are left wondering if they have any recourse. To help, several airlines have come to the rescue to offer passengers and future travelers a discount on airfare with a Wow Air ticket in hand.

Here are some of the airlines, as well as transportation services, that are helping passengers that purchased Wow Air airfares:

  • Lufthansa Group is one of the airlines that is offering a 25 percent discount for travelers of Wow Air as long as their trip departs by April 20 and concludes by June 30. Lufthansa also operates Swiss and Austrian airlines.
  • Icelandair is providing reduced return flights from March 28 to April 11 for Wow Air travelers. Airfare in Europe will cost $60 while flights in North America will cost $100. Traveling from Europe to North American on the airline will run $160.
  • Aer Lingus is also offering discounted flights until April 11 for Air Wow passengers that have a flight booked within the next 11 days. Reservations must be handled by phone.
  • Norwegian Air is also giving Air Wow passengers a 25 percent off discount on airfare from March 29 until April 8.
  • Virgin Air has also gotten in on the rescue efforts with reduced airfares for travelers stranded in the U.S., U.K., and Canada. Airfare needs to be booked by April 6 with travel completed by April 30.
  • Easyjet will provide stranded passengers discounted fares between select destinations. Tickets must be issued before April 7 and travel must occur before April 14.
  • Wizz Air will give reduced airfare for passengers of Wow Air to or from Reykjavik. The airline operates four flights a week and is offering the reduced fares for travel up until May 10. Bookings need to occur by April 7.
  • XL Airways is offering reduced airfare on its New York to Paris route from April 6 to April 30. Fares will cost $130. New York-Paris trips scheduled from May 1 to June 28 will be eligible for a 30 percent discount. Wow Air travel must have been booked for March 28 or later.
  • British Airways has also offered rescue fares for Wow Air travelers to select destinations until April 12 or April 25, depending on location. Fares must be booked with the British Airways call center.
  • Air Lingus is providing special rate fares for Wow Air passengers. Travelers looking to travel from April 12 and on can receive airfare from Ireland to the U.S. and Canada for $169 each way.
  • United Airlines is also offering rescue airfares to Air Wow travelers at a special discounted rate from March 28 to April 12 for travel through April 30 to select destinations. Passengers may also fly on United’s Star Alliance which includes Lufthansa, Swiss, Austrian, Brussels Airlines, and Air Canada. Airfare will cost an estimated $250 to $350, one way.
  • Travelers can also take advantage of Megabus’ offer for free transportation to over 100 cities in the U.S. for Wow Air passengers with canceled flights that were scheduled to depart on March 28 to March 31.

Wow Air has suggested on its website that passengers contact their credit card company for a refund of their flight or check with their travel protection for ticket cancelation coverage.

The airline also said, “Passengers may also be entitled to compensation from WOW AIR, including in accordance with European regulation on Air Passenger Rights. In case of a bankruptcy, claims should be filed to the administrator / liquidator.”