The Worldwide Developers Conference 2019 (WWDC 2019) is just a few months away and is expected to reveal the new iOS major update. The iOS 13 is expected to introduce many new features and upgrades for iPhone devices, such as improvements for the augmented reality platform, ARKit. Here’s what we know about the supposed iOS 13 updates in the upcoming WWDC 2019.

The WWDC 2019 is slated to begin this coming June 3 and will end on June 7. Since this is a major Apple event, many speculations are circulating about the reveals that’ll come out on the main stage. For now, the major announcement to be expected is the next firmware update, the iOS 13.

According to iPhoneHacks, the iOS 13 update is expected to have improved but more simplified Siri commands. New Siri commands such as voice calling, playback control, message attachments, flights, search and other features.

More than new features, the iOS 13 update is also expected to improve its augmented reality platform, ARKit, through “significant improvements.” The features said to arrive to the platform would be a companion app that assists developers build AR apps on a more visual approach. The ARKit update would also allow the app to recognize human poses too.

Meanwhile, iOS apps are said to be fully compatible specific macOS features if used on the Project Marzipan platform. Features like the Touch Bar can now be used, and porting iOS apps through Project Marzipan will now be easier once the next update arrives.

Speaking of application improvements, the iOS 13 update would further give users more control over the Taptic Engine, and faster document scanning through third party apps would also be included.

All in all, the expected updates on the iOS 13 matches Apple’s interest in improving and introducing new services. Since their announcement last March, Apple has been consistent with this goal as they’ve introduced four new subscriptions to be released later this year. As for the WWDC 2019 event in June, we’ve yet to know if the company is going to start talking more about their new devices this 2019