Dolph Ziggler Del Rio
Del Rio's exploitation of Ziggler's concussion was too much for the World Heavyweight Champion to overcome.

Sunday night’s Pay-Per-View marked the start of many changes in the WWE. Payback, which took place in Chicago, saw three title changes and what looked like multiple babyface and heel turns.

The event was highlighted by CM Punk, who made his return to WWE TV for the first time in two months. The WWE championship match between John Cena and Ryback was the main event. Vince McMahon and Triple H also made appearances backstage.

The WWE broke news about another returning superstar. It was announced that Rob Van Dam would be at Money in the Back in July. The former ECW star last wrestled for the WWE in 2009 at the Royal Rumble and recently finished a three-year stint with TNA.

Below are the complete results from Payback 2013, as well as a recap for each match. The match card included seven contests on the PPV and one on the pre-show.

WWE Champion John Cena OVER Ryback (Three Stages of Hell Match)

Ryback was dominant in the early going, winning the first of three stages and pinning Cena in the Lumberjack match. He seemed in position to take the title with a victory in the Tables match, but in typical Cena fashion, the champion rebounded and took the victory with an Attitude Adjustment. Cena ended things but putting Ryback through the roof in the Ambulance match.

Alberto Del Rio OVER World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler

Del Rio regained the title in what may have been the most surprising result at Payback. In what may have been a double-turn, like Stone Cold vs. Brett Hart at WrestleMania 13, Del Rio won by relentlessly attacking Ziggler’s injured head. Ziggler was cheered throughout the match and Del Rio looks to be a heel, again, as he was booed when he walked backstage.

CM Punk OVER Chris Jericho

Punk remains undefeated against Jericho at PPV’s, as he ended the match with two straight GTS’s. There was no immediate babyface-turn for Punk, but the seeds may be planted for one. Punk almost got pinned after being distracted by Paul Heyman and told the manager after the match that he didn’t need his help to win.

WWE Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns OVER Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan

As expected, miscommunication by Bryan and Orton helped the members of The Shield retain the belts. Orton pushed Bryan into a spear from Reigns, keeping The Shield’s undefeated PPV streak intact.

Curtis Axel OVER Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett And The Miz

In a night that was filled with title changes, Payback began with the Intercontinental title changing hands. Axel stole another victory, pinning Barrett, who was caught in The Miz’s figure four leg-lock.

United States Champion Dean Ambrose OVER Kane

Ambrose didn’t pin Kane, but he was able to hold onto the U.S. title. Kane was counted out after being hit with a vicious DDT outside of the ring.

AJ Lee OVER Divas Champion Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn seemed to have the match won, but took too long to pin AJ, who kicked out to stay alive. The champ eventually submitted to the Black Widow, and was serenaded with chants of “You Tapped Out.”

Sheamus OVER Damien Sandow (special Kickoff to Payback Match)

Sheamus won the pre-show match after hitting Sandow with the Irish Curse three straight times. The babyface, however, heard a large amount of boos with the victory.