“WWE 2K17” is finally coming to the PC platform! Publisher 2K Games just announced when can fans expect the PC version of the professional wrestling video game. The different editions of the game have also been detailed.

Last October 2016, 2K Games released “WWE 2K17” for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The game has already enjoyed great success in these platforms, so the company now wants to bring the wrestling game to players who prefer to play using their personal computers.

According to 2K Games, “WWE 2K17” is hitting the PC platform on Feb. 7. This is the latest addition to the franchise, so the publisher said that all DLC that have made it to the other platforms thus far will be available for the PC version at launch. However, any DLC that will be released on the Xbox and PlayStation consoles after Feb. 7 will be made available to PC players at a later date.

The publisher also honored the announcement of the PC version by releasing screenshots to show how better looking the game is on the PC. GamingBolt reports that even though “WWE 2K17” for PC will have the same content as with the other versions, the former will have better graphics due to the high-end graphics technology of computers.

WWE 2K17 - 1
screenshot 1 2K Games
WWE 2K17 - 2
screenshot 2 2K Games
WWE 2K17 - 3
screenshot 3 2K Games

There are two editions of the game: “WWE 2K17” Standard Edition and “WWE 2K17” Deluxe Edition. The Standard Edition is priced at $49.99 and it includes the Goldberg Pack, which gives players access to two playable versions of Bill Goldberg, as we well as the WCW Monday Nitro and Halloween Havoc arenas. Preordering this edition from the 2K Store will guarantee players with a 10 percent discount.

On the other hand, the Deluxe Edition is valued at $74.99. It is more expensive because aside from the Goldberg Pack, players will have the Season Pass that comes with the following items: MyPlayer Kickstart, Accelerator, NXT Enhancement Pack, Legends Pack, New Moves Pack, Future Stars Pack and Hall of Fame Showcase. Players who are getting the Standard Edition can also get the Season Pass, but this will cost them $29.99. Preordering the Deluxe Edition will slash 15 percent off the $74.99 price tag.

Meanwhile, 2K Games teased via Instagram that Mojo Rawley is joining the game through the Future Stars Pack that is scheduled for release on Jan.17. The game publisher announced this news with a teaser clip showing Rawley doing some action in the ring.