• 2K Sports announced the release window of "WWE 2K22"
  • The upcoming wrestling video game will launch sometime in March 2022
  • The developer did not disclose why the title won't be out this year

New information about the upcoming professional wrestling video game "WWE 2K22" could give fans another reason to stall picking up a copy of it when it finally releases next year.

The latest set of details about "WWE 2K22" came from a Sports Gamers Online report, which underlined the ongoing tensions between developers and their WWE contractor, as well as infighting in connection with the game's direction.

According to this report, one of its sources noted that the roster of "WWE 2K22" is "shaping up to be the most outdated roster a game has seen." Apparently, WWE asked Visual Concepts to update the roster, causing the delay.

Edge participates in the WWE Smackdown
Edge participates in the WWE Smackdown Getty Images | Don Arnold/WireImage

The move reportedly provided developers more time to remove and replace any unnecessary characters from the game. Sadly for fans of the series, the report suggested "WWE 2K22" would lack wrestlers. It was earlier reported that Daniel Bryan would not be in the game.

Speculations on the cause of the title's delayed release surfaced online following 2K Sports and WWE's Saturday announcement. During SummerSlam 2021, the team revealed the game would launch sometime in March 2022 instead of the usual October release window.

This represents a five-month delay if fans are to look at the franchise's release pattern. However, 2K Sports assured fans that it would provide more details about the game in January 2022. It also shared a couple of in-game images of the popular wrestler Edge.

Meanwhile, Forbes' Brian Mazique claimed "WWE 2K22" is looking "fantastic" after the game's engine was completely rebuilt.

In a YouTube stream uploaded earlier this month, the writer revealed, "I have actually spoken with people who have good knowledge of the game and understand what's happening from a developmental standpoint, and what I'm told about gameplay at this point is that it is fantastic."

"That is actually the word that was used for the latest build. The people who were playing the latest build have said the gameplay is fantastic," Mazique said on the stream, adding that based on what he heard, its controls are much cleaner than before.

He explained he didn't know what "cleaner" exactly means, but he heard it "feels like a wrestling fan's wrestling game."