• "Battlefield 2042" releases on Oct. 22, 2021
  • The game will have its Open beta sometime in September
  • "Battlefield 2042" cheats are now being sold online: Report

"Battlefield 2042" is still a few months away from its official release but more details about the upcoming first-person shooter from DICE have been uncovered recently. This includes the availability of hacks or cheats online, the presence of amphibious vehicles and the Plus system for weapons.

Plus System And Amphibious Vehicles

"Battlefield 2042" will feature a new way of changing weapons on the fly through its Plus system. While DICE only offered very little information about this, content creator and YouTuber who goes by the name MyViana87 gave fans the first look at how this feature works in-game.

In the video shared by the content creator, fans can see how easy it is to swap attachments while in action. It looks like players do not need to respawn or exit a match to do this since changing the barrel, scope and other attachments can be done while playing.

Battlefield 2042's Portal Mode features fan-favorite maps from the Battlefield franchise
Battlefield 2042's Portal Mode features fan-favorite maps from the Battlefield franchise Electronic Arts

Meanwhile, an industry insider and dataminer who goes by the name temporyal also shared several details about the amphibious vehicles in the game. The dataminer tweeted on Monday an image showcasing the Christy 6183 Hovercraft and the FNS ZAHA (MAV).

It appears that there are only a couple of amphibious vehicles available now in the game. This is not surprising, however, since DICE previously said there will be no sea warfare available at launch.

Cheats Being Sold Online

"Battlefield 2042" is set to release on Oct. 22, 2021, which is just less than two months away. Surprisingly, this does not stop one site from selling cheats and hacks for players who are willing to pay.

These hacks would reportedly work during the forthcoming Open Beta in September. Other hacks advertised include the classic aimbot, the cheat involving radar and ESP wallhacks.

The site also claims these hacks are undetected, which implies that they are not sensed by the anti-cheat tests of "Battlefield 2042." Aside from those, the site also advertises the cheats are for PC gamers only.

However, it provides instructions on how to use third-party hardware to activate console aimbots. This means that like the invisible "Call of Duty" console cheats, any player using this hack can easily ruin the game regardless of the platform they are using.