Undertaker Kane Daniel Bryan
The Undertake, Kane and Daniel Bryan teamed up against the Shield. wwe.com

In the past few years, the Undertaker has only stepped in the ring for matches at WrestleMania. That seems to be changing in 2013.

F4Wonline.com is reporting that the “Deadman” could wrestle at another WWE Pay-Per-View this year. According to the site, there have been discussions of the Undertaker fighting in a match at SummerSlam.

In the proposed angle, Undertaker would team up Kane with against The Shield. The WWE has already planted seeds of a future PPV match between the pairing.

The Shield defeated Undertaker, Kane and Daniel Bryan on “Monday Night Raw” in April. It was Undertaker’s first match on “Raw” in three years. The Undertaker also faced off with Dean Ambrose on the following episode of “SmackDown.” It was written off television after fellow Shield members Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins attacked Undertaker to close the show.

It would be interesting to see how the WWE would book the match. The Shield hasn’t lost since debuting at Survivor Series, and Undertaker hasn’t been defeated at a PPV in several years.

A potential match could be contingent on Undertaker’s health. At 48 years old, he’s set to undergo surgery on his right shoulder and left hip, according to Wrestle Zone. Undertaker underwent surgery before his WrestleMania 29 match with CM Punk, and there were rumors that his health was going to keep him from participating in the event.

The WWE could be looking to book Undertaker for SummerSlam because of the company’s lack of star power. The Rock suffered an injury in his match with John Cena at WrestleMania and it’s unknown if he’ll ever wrestle again. CM Punk is taking time off and he could remain off TV for several months.