• Two fantasy games await Xbox Live Games With Gold for May
  • Xbox One owners have four games to choose from this May
  • Gamers can play soccer or racing from Xbox Live Games With Gold this May

With most folks holed up at home, playing video games is one of the things that most can do. And for Xbox Live Games With Gold members, the titles available for May are now out for gamers who own an Xbox One and the Xbox 360.

For Xbox 360 game console owners, there will be two game titles available. First up is "The Sensible World of Soccer" which will be available from May 1 to 15. Not long after, attention will shift to the fantasy game "Overlord" starting on the 15th. This will be available until the end of May.

"The Sensible World of Soccer" is ideal for players who want to play with their friends. Not only does it get friends together to play some healthy fun. Graphics may not be that impressive but should be good enough for some quick pickup games.

For Xbox One members, "V-Rally 4" should give folks some video game racing action. It will be available for the entire month of May. If that does not interest gamers, there is an epic-fantasy game to consider as an alternative. Based on the popular tabletop game, "Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor - Martyr" should be worth trying out. The game will be free for members starting May 15 and will be available until June 15.

Folks who love playing fantasy games can do no wrong playing "Overlord 2" or even "Warhammer 40K; Inquisitor - Martyr." Of the two, the latter should be interesting to check out. It is a Diablo-inspired action role-playing game, ideal for the ones who love to go exploring different and mysterious worlds, Games Radar reported. Gamers play as an Inquisitor who travels from world to world, facing enemies and the God-Emperor.

The games will start rolling out on May 1. Like before, Xbox One members can also access the Xbox 360 game offerings via the backward compatible route, Gaming Bolt reported.

With several days to go, Xbox Live Games with Gold members can continue to enjoy the ones for April. "Project CARS 2" will be available until the end of April while the bundled package of "Knights of Pen and Paper" titles are good until May 15 for Xbox One owners. For the Xbox 360, "Toybox Turbos" is still available until Apr. 30. It is also available to Xbox One game console owners.

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Microsoft wants Xbox Live players to compete against players on other gaming networks. The first game to support this will be "Rocket League." Getty Images