June brings quite a lot for Xbox One players, primarily the next fixes for the Xbox One and the big event, E3 2015. Microsoft has already announced new details and teasers, starting with an upcoming release for the June System Update for the Xbox One.

DualShockers spotted the patch posted by Emily Hanson, a program manager at Microsoft for the Xbox One. A new version can now be accessed by Preview Program members. But the even better news is that public Xbox One users do not have to wait too long for the update.

In addition, Microsoft has already rolled out a lot of teasers for the E3 2015. There will be a number of shows and features that fans can catch during the event.

Fans who will not be able to get to the E3 2015 in person need not be worried about missing out on the action. Microsoft has ensured that players will still get access to the announcements and showcases from the comfort of home. Players can make use of the Xbox One or Xbox360, the Xbox.com and Windows Phone devices to watch the different segments of the event.

Kicking off Microsoft’s stint at the E3 2015 is the Xbox Briefing, which happens on June 15 at 12:30 p.m. EDT. This can also be viewed over at Spike TV’s “Xbox: Game On” by residents of the U.S. and Canada.

There will also be an Xbox Daily: LIVE @ E3 show, expected to run from June 15-17 to provide players with the latest updates. A lot of guest stars will be making an appearance at the show, including Xbox boss Phil Spencer and reps from studios like 343Industries, Turn 10 Studios, Crystal Dynamics and more.

For Xbox fans who are going to the E3 event, 500 will get a chance to check out the E3 2015 Xbox FanFest June 14-18. This will basically give player VIP access on mini events like the exclusive Xbox Fanfest Party on June 15, the Xbox briefing, the Xbox eSports Celebrity Challenge and Twitch Party and even meet-greet with game developers.

Even PC fans who are looking forward to more of the Windows 10 gaming experience will have a little something to see before the release on July 29. The link here will have a live stream of Spencer with other members of the team showing off some gaming sneak peeks and more during the event.

Xbox E3 2015 (Credit: YouTube/Xbox)