• While the PS5 pre-order has already gone live, Microsoft has not yet made a similar move
  • Earlier Microsoft confirmed that the Xbox Series X would arrive in November
  • A new promotion may have outed the official retail price of the Xbox Series X

A new piece of information about the official price of Microsoft’s Xbox Series X was spotted earlier today. Over the past months, fans have been bombarded by leaks and rumors about Microsoft’s next-gen console price. Despite all these, the company is tight-lipped on how much the Xbox Series X would retail.

Interestingly, Critical Hit recently reported that the price of the Xbox Series X might have been outed by a Pringles’ promotion. The publication cited Twitter user Cavie as the source of information. It appears that Pringles has been sending out care packages to influencers in South Africa.

The ultimate goal of this move is to promote Pringles’ partnership with Xbox. Customers are offered the opportunity to win Microsoft’s Xbox Series X console and Game Pass subscriptions. There are 46 consoles to be given away, which amounts to a total value of R621,000 or approximately $37,000.

Xbox Series X
The Xbox Series X. Microsoft/Official

Dividing the total value by 46 could give fans the retail price of the Xbox Series X. In this case, it is R13,500 in South Africa, approximately £611, or more than $800. The gaming prices in the US and the UK have parity in the previous years. This could mean that the Xbox Series X could land at $599 in stores in November.

Regardless of the price, it appears that Microsoft is not at all concerned about the price of its next-generation gaming console. Xbox Boss Phil Spencer said last June that the company is focused on the players and not on the gaming system. Microsoft previously announced that it would participate in the upcoming Tokyo Game Show 2020.

However, the Redmond-based tech giant clarified that no new Xbox Series X news would be announced at the said event. This could be because the company is rumored to hold an event ahead of the TGS 2020. A major event happening this September would reportedly showcase the official reveal of the specific release date and price of the Xbox Series X.