• Target, Walmart and Best Buy are expected to restock by the end of this week at the latest
  • The official Microsoft Store sells Xbox Series X consoles at random intervals each week
  • Other stores like Costco, Antonline and Sam's Club may also sell more consoles this week

The next-gen gaming console buying frenzy continues in April, with many gamers scrambling to get their hands on the newest consoles on the market. Much like Sony, Microsoft is having difficulty meeting the high demand for the Xbox Series X, but hopefully, fans will be able to at least place an order for the elusive console by the end of this week.

A number of stores are set to have their stocks of the Xbox Series X consoles refreshed soon, according to Tech Radar’s Matt Swider, who tracks these stores every day.

Walmart, Best Buy and Target are expected to replenish their stocks of Xbox Series X consoles this week, according to Swider, while other stores like Antonline, Costco, Gamestop, Sam’s Club and the official Microsoft Store have a smaller probability of receiving inventory restocks.

Xbox Series X
The newly released Xbox Series X is one of the most powerful gaming consoles available. (Copy from Pixabay)

Walmart is expected to have more consoles up for sale on Thursday, one week after the store announced a limited-time surprise Xbox Series X restock. Potential buyers are advised to keep their ears to the ground if they want to secure one of the consoles from Walmart, as the announced date may be prone to change.

Best Buy should have a new stock of Xbox Series X consoles by Friday. The store normally replenishes their stock on Fridays despite the past two weeks’ lack of Xbox consoles, but Tech Radar said that they have a three-hour timeframe to notify potential customers about incoming console stocks via Swider’s Twitter tracker.

Target may have more Xbox Series X consoles in store by Wednesday. However, Swider noted that the odds of this happening are relatively low. Target has not had any of the new Xbox consoles on sale for the past five weeks, but this might indicate that the store has accumulated enough new units over that time to have a sale this week.

The official Microsoft Store tends to have consoles on sale at random times during the weekdays, and their availability often lasts for only minutes at a time due to high customer demand. Some buyers may want to try their luck and visit the Microsoft Store at random hours in hopes of snagging a good deal.