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As content creators, there are certain ideas and best practices that promise success - uploading consistently, engaging with your audience, and understanding analytics - just to name a few. However, while these strategies do work, there is something that is often overlooked that stands in the way of influencers achieving success: pay inequality.

YoFan YoFan

Influencer rates vary depending on a range of different factors: engagement rate, follower count, content type, niche, and many others. Due to the lack of rules and transparency in the industry, not to mention the taboo around speaking about wages and salary, creators often feel afraid to say no or to ask for more money in case they lose the opportunity or get branded as difficult to work with.

In fact, there are even organizations such as Brands Behaving Badly, We Don't Work For Free, and Influencer Pay Gap that bring attention to the widening gap between influencer expectations and actual rates. "Influencer marketing has gone from a peripheral add-on to being core to the way that brands reach consumers," says ​​Stacy DeBroff, social media expert and CEO of Influence Central. There is no doubt that content creators work hard. This is why YoFan was created - to level the playing field and give influencers a chance to monetize their content and get properly rewarded for their efforts.

What YoFan does

YoFan is a brand-new social media and content monetization platform created to change how creators earn from their content. Through the power of Google AdSense, creators are able to make a good living from display advertising that runs alongside their content.

Many people are under the impression that influencers earn a good living, but often, this couldn't be further from the truth. Unless someone has a big following on YouTube and can take advantage of the YouTube Partner Program, making a comfortable income doesn't come easy. Influencers often have to rely on brand sponsorships and paid posts to earn a profit; however, rates for these types of deals vary, and depending on the deals they have lined up for the month, their income also varies. Due to the lack of salary regulation, it is an unpredictable industry.

YoFan created a ground-breaking new way for influencers to monetize their content and earn what they deserve through ads.

The idea behind YoFan

YoFan's CEO, Chris Poohachoff, believes that the biggest problems that creators in the industry face are the amount of time and effort that goes into content creation and how difficult it is to monetize their work. Influencers that started over a decade ago and have amassed large followings over time are the only ones who truly make a decent living. But with the influencer space becoming more crowded and increasingly more competitive, it is not as easy as it once was to generate a profit. YoFan was built to create equal opportunities for all creators to make a good living.

The idea for YoFan was born when its CEO was talking to a contact from Google about how creators often live paycheck to paycheck, and the idea started to form. He says that YoFan is not reinventing the wheel but simply levelling the playing field for creators. To learn more about the company's backstory and mission, check out thisblog.

How it works

YoFan helps creators monetize their content via display advertising through the power of Google AdSense. Simply put, imagine you have a link, and every time someone clicks on it, you earn money. YoFan created that magic link. To start earning money through Google ads, here's what you need to do: 1. Create a YoFan account;

2. Set up AdSense via the YoFan Settings page;

3. Once connected, AdSense will need some time to review your profile;4. Start creating content on YoFan (and don't forget to share your profile across other social media platforms!).

It usually takes less than 24 hours for your AdSense account to start showing activity as a result of your views and engagement on YoFan. Once it's been connected, you can review your earnings performance, which will vary depending on the views and engagement your content receives. Make the most of this by sharing your YoFan profile by linking it to your bio on other social media platforms. To start earning with YoFan, click here.


With YoFan, there are no middlemen, hidden fees, and secret loopholes that would allow anyone to take your earnings (or even a small percentage of them) from you. It is also completely free to join. It's a win-win. While many content creators rely on sponsorships, affiliate marketing, and merch sales to earn an income, display advertising is often overlooked. YoFan simplified this process by partnering with Google. You're already creating content and linking to things you're passionate about, so why not monetize that? Every time someone clicks on a link you've shared, you earn a profit. It really is that simple.

YoFan's optimistic future

In a space as competitive as the influencer sphere, it is important to give creators equal opportunities to earn a fair living from their content. YoFan was built to help creators leverage the power of digital technology and create an income stream from it. In modern times, social media has produced a new platform for influence and reach that enables smaller creators to profit from the same visibility and networking opportunities as celebrities and famous influencers with large followings. A bigger following isn't always better. While using an influencer or celebrity with a large following can increase views and exposure, this doesn't always equal tangible actions. Often smaller creators are more connected with their audience and are, therefore, able to produce better ROI results. YoFan believes in making the most of marketing trends and providing creators with equal growth and income opportunities. With the amount of time and effort that goes into creating content, there is no reason for creators to be underpaid and undervalued. To calculate your earning potential with YoFan, click here. And don't forget to follow YoFan on social media!