YouTube believes that content creators over at the popular video-sharing platform are creating too much content that they are worried about burnout from creators. The company, in turn, asked creators to take a break every once in a while.

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki revealed, in a recent blog post,  there is an evident increase in content releases for the year 2019. Noting that content creators on YouTube seem to have felt the need to make new content all the time which, sometimes, ends up in a burnout. Thus, a study of the site analytics was done.

As a result, she discovered that content creators can actually take a break from making videos every once in a while and their viewership would not suffer.

“I’ve heard some creators say they feel like they can’t take a break from filming because they’re concerned their channel will suffer,” Wojcicki said in the blog post. “We want to encourage you to take care of yourself and invest in recovery.”

Wojcicki also addressed one of the possible worries of content creators why they keep on posting new content only after a short span of time. They fear that they might lose subscribers if they don’t constantly come up with content.

As it turns out, the study showed that this is not the case. In fact, it shows that viewership can be better if a creator would allow some gap in between video uploads.

“Across millions of channels and hundreds of different time frames for breaks, the same thing was true: On average, channels had more views when they returned than they had right before they left,” she wrote. “If you need to take some time off, your fans will understand. After all, they tune into your channel because of you.”

The blog post from the CEO also included a preview of upcoming changes in the policies of YouTuube among others.