YouTube is now on fire after removing videos of robot fights which the company alleged as videos showing deliberate infliction of animal suffering.

Multiple reactions are now surfacing the internet as YouTube creators of robot fights are expressing their disappointment on the company’s decision to put down their videos for allegedly uploading copies with content violations. The said video makers were accused of airing videos containing scenes that deliberately display animal cruelty.

Some of the affected YouTube makers claim that their robot fighting videos were mistakenly removed due to the alleged display of deliberate infliction of animals suffering. Some of them even claimed that their videos were manually re-reviewed by moderators to assess the content weight of YouTube’s accusation. However, in spite of the thorough evaluation, their videos ended up being taken down by the company.

YouTube makers were notified through emails telling them that their robot-fighting videos were tagged with content violations and were taken down from the platform. Recipients of the said emails and notifications were surprised that the violations specified of their videos were deliberate infliction of animal suffering.

Some of the robot fighting videos taken down were actually from BattleBots contestants. BattleBot is a TV competition featuring robot fights.

On the other hand, the abovementioned content re-evaluation brought good news to some YouTube makers whose contents were taken down due to the alleged showing of deliberate infliction of animal suffering. A number of the re-evaluated robot-fighting videos were cleared and brought back to the YouTube platform.

YouTube admitted that there are possibilities of them making the wrong call. The company explained that this is due to the massive volume of videos on their site. They assured that when it is brought to their attention that they have mistakenly removed a video due to wrong assessment, they immediately bring the removed video back to the platform.

In this case, YouTube reinstated a number of recently removed videos of robot fights due to the alleged showing of deliberate infliction of animal suffering claiming that they were mistakenly removed. The videos were also issued a regular statement that the company uses whenever it reinstates a video back to the platform.

This is not the first time that YouTube was criticized for its algorithm’s improper video assessment. The company was previously bashed due to inadequate protection of children as well as failure to remove videos of hate speech.