• YouTube sent out emails to YouTube TV service subscribers on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS
  • YouTube informs TV service subscribers paying through Apple in-app service that it is canceling their subscriptions next month
  • YouTube does not reveal the reason for the sudden change in its policy

Earlier today, online video streaming site YouTube sent out emails to YouTube TV service subscribers on the Apple App Store. The email informs them that the subscriptions on the App Store would be discontinued starting next month. Earlier, YouTube already put a halt on accepting signups through in-app on both iPhone and iPad.

It looks like YouTube has already made up its mind when it comes to splitting subscription earnings from its YouTube TV service with the Cupertino company. The recent email is already a notification that after the said period, Apple device owners would have to subscribe to YouTube TV service through a web browser.

The email also informs customers that the payment method they use would no longer be accepted beginning Mar. 13, 2020. The app is still available on iOS, macOS, and iPadOS. However, users must update their payment method to avail of the YouTube TV service.

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YouTube TV service subscriptions on the Apple App Store would be automatically canceled on the next billing date following Mar. 13, according to the email YouTube sent to subscribers. So far, the online video streaming site has not revealed the reason for the sudden change. However, whispers online believe that the reason could be due to the 30 percent cut of Apple on all in-app payments.

Apple actually lowered its App Store fees to 15 percent in its bid to encourage the adoption of subscription payment models. The discounted rate is for users who have a monthly subscription of more than a year. Assuming that YouTube no longer wants to pay for the in-app fee, it is not the first company to do so.

It can be recalled that Netflix did the same in 2018 when it removed Apple from its subscription. Some companies chose to increase their price to be able to offset the cost of Apple charges. There are also several speculations that YouTube changed its YouTube TV service terms because it is planning to expand its service.

According to rumors, this service enables users to signup and subscribe to premium third-party streaming services. The Cupertino company currently offers the same kind of service through its Apple TV.