• Discounts can be availed from May 1
  • Zaimella believes that transaction costs can be cut using virtual currencies
  • The aim is to save money on diapers

Global personal care manufacturing company Zaimella has realized the potential of virtual currencies in cutting transaction costs and has announced an offer that will allow customers to save money on non-woven personal care products, such as baby diapers.

In an official statement released Monday, the company announced a 10 percent discount on all payments received for goods sold to customers in the U.S. when paid with Bitcoin.

This comes as the company realized that virtual currencies, such as Bitcoin have the potential to be the currency for today's world with globalized supply chains.

The company noted that producing and moving goods between different countries involves a lot of steps, including, human handling and accounting, from exporter to importer, then to wholesalers, distributors, freight consolidators and eventually to retailers, whether they be brick and mortar stores or online e-commerce platforms.

Further, at every point in the legacy process, different currencies and paperwork must be processed before proceeding to the next step, which leads to creating bottlenecks in the global distribution system, delaying shipments for weeks or even months, the company said.

"Virtual currencies, such as Bitcoin, and blockchain technologies, in general, have the potential to eliminate wasteful steps and transaction costs that occur every day as goods get produced and shipped around the world," Humberto Sanchez, CEO of Zaimella U.S. said.

"Zaimella is always striving to find the best ways to keep our commitment to make quality personal care accessible, so we are happy to announce that beginning May 1, 2022, all payments by US customers made in Bitcoin will receive an instant 10 percent discount vs payments made in US Dollars."

Ultimately, the company believes it's time to start answering the question of "why do I want to use Bitcoin?" with a simple answer: "To save money on diapers."

Founded in 1995 in the city of Quito, Zaimella deals in non-woven family care products (baby diapers, adult incontinence, and pet pads) in Ecuador. Zaimella also owns and operates the only diaper manufacturing plant in Florida, located in the rapidly growing Medley area of Miami.

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