California-based electric motorcycle maker Zero Motorcycles recently unveiled their 2012 line of bikes, boasting five models, a new powertrain and a battery pack that they claim will last the life of the bike.

The new Zero line includes three street bikes. The Zero S is an aggressively-styled streetfighter which, with the optional battery upgrade to 9 kW, has a range of 114 miles and a top speed of 88 MPH. The Zero DS is a dual sport bike built to handle pavement or dirt roads. The DS has a range of up to 112 miles and a top speed of 80 MPH. For city commuting, Zero offers the Zero XU, a utilitarian bike with storage, a removable battery pack and a lightweight, low-seated frame. The XU has a range of 46 miles and a top speed of 65MPH.

For dirt riders Zero is offering two 2012 bikes. For motocross, track and trail riders the Zero MX offers up to 120 minutes of ride time and top speed of 54 MPH. The Zero X features the same powertrain as the MX, but features lights, mirrors and street legal tires in addition to slightly higher gearing for sustained road speeds.

All Zero bikes feature the company's new Z Force power pack, which uses a new battery cell chemistry and configuration that is up to 95 percent more energy dense and is rated to 3,000 complete charge cycles - as much as 308,000 miles. All the street models, including the Zero XU, feature new brushless motors and regenerative braking that allow riders to recoup energy during deceleration.

Zero says they'll begin shipping their bikes in February 2012. Bikes range in price from $7,695 for the XU to $13,995 for the upgraded S and DS models.