With its explosion in popularity during pandemic lockdowns, the Zoom is looking to expand the scope of its video conferencing software, announcing on Wednesday the app will be supported by various smart display products by the end of the year, including the Amazon Echo Show, Facebook Portal and Google Nest Hub Max.

Facebook Portal will be the first device to get Zoom, with the app rolling out in September. The Portal app will utilize the device’s smart camera capabilities to keep users in-frame. It will also allow users to connect using a Facebook Workplace account, rather than their personal Facebook or WhatsApp accounts.

Google Nest users will be able to link the Zoom app with Calendar and Assistant apps. This will allow users to pull scheduled meetings from their calendars and use “Hey Google” voice commands to join Zoom meetings. Amazon users will see similar benefits using their synced calendars and Alexa voice commands.

This expansion to competitor smart displays comes on the heels of Zoom’s announcement of its own smart display product with a 27-inch touchscreen. Known as Zoom For Home – DTEN ME, the product is a collaboration with the company DTEN, which will be providing the hardware, and will come preloaded with Zoom’s popular video app. The product is up for preorder at $599 and is set to ship sometime in August.

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scientists explain why zoom can be exhausting viarami - Pixabay