Initially a rumor circulating season four of "The Vampire Diaries," former "Secret Circle" star Phoebe Tonkin has officially signed on as a cast member of the upcoming season.

"The Vampire Diaries" has a handful of new characters moving into Mystic Falls come October. Originally thought to be playing new character April (a possible love interest for Jeremy), Tonkin has actually landed the role of "wild, sexy and free-spirited" Hayley.

While April can potentially rest easy over Jeremy, Caroline on the other hand may have a problem with Hayley, who happens to be a friend of Tyler's.

"We'll start to understand that this is a friend...who's been very important to him in the past," executive producer Julie Plec explained to TVLine. "Any time a hot, new girl comes to town, somebody's got to be worried about something," Plec added, referring to Caroline and Tyler's relationship.

Tonkin's Hayley won't be the only one to put a bump in the road for Caroline and Tyler. Season three ended with fans discovering that Bonnie performed a spell that put Klaus in Tyler's body. While Klaus won't inhabit the teen wolf's body for long, it's expected that he'll use his time to get some Caroline action or put some kinks in their relationship.

According to, we'll get to see Phoebe Tonkin in action in Mystic Falls in episode three of season four.

"The Vampire Diaries" returns for its fourth season on the CW Thursday, Oct. 11 at 8 p.m.