Cannabidiol or CBD is the active ingredient found in cannabis (marijuana) or hemp that shows promising results in medical studies. It is known to alleviate pain, help with anxiety and improve mental functions without the feeling of "high." While there are plenty of ways CBD can improve your daily routine, the lack of information available discourages potential users from harnessing its full potential.

If you're new to CBD wellness, we rounded up some of the best CBD products that can give you a safe boost for the day.

1. CBD Bio Naturals CBD Drops

Wild Blueberry CBD in MCT Oil Enjoy the calming effect of CBD Oil. Photo:

CBD Oil is one of the most common CBD-based starter products available in the market. Research conducted by the National Institutes of Health points to CBD's help in relieving pain caused by arthritis, muscle pain and spinal cord injuries.

The CBD Bio Naturals CBD drops are made from gluten-free and Non-GMO ingredients which promote feelings of calm and positive well-being with just a few drops. The oil drops contain zero-THC which gives you all the benefits of hemp without getting "high."

2. Seven Wellness CBD Gummies

CBD Gummies CBD Gummies by Seven are easier to intake, all-natural, with no artificial sweeteners or coloring. Photo:

CBD gummies are one of the easiest ways to intake CBD, while still helping provide comfort particularly for those suffering from muscle inflammation and swelling. 

The Seven Wellness CBD Gummies contains 30 gummies per bottle with each containing 10mg of CBD. It comes with all-natural orange, lemon and grape flavors without any artificial sweetener or coloring.

3. CBD ProTab

CBD ProTab The ProTab helps reduce physical and mental stress. Photo:

There are many ways to ingest CBD but capsules offer a convenient alternative. Research has shown, depending on the amount, that CBD and its anti-inflammatory properties can help prevent the presence of acne. It is also a great supplement to help improve sleep for those who suffer from insomnia.

The CBD ProTab is an orally consumed concentrate tablet that has 25mg of CBD in each tablet. The ProTab is a fast-acting supplement infused with steam distilled terpenes to help you cope with stress. It's vegan and gluten-free.

4. Full Spectrum CBD Soft Gel 900MG

Full Spectrum CBD Capsules Soft Gel Full Spectrum CBD Capsules Soft Gel You’ll get that and more with our CBD Capsules, made from organically sourced hemp plants and carefully formulated into a powder that won’t upset your stomach, packed inside a pill that can be taken with or without food. Photo:

Another way to intake CBD is through soft gels which helps in providing relief much quicker compared to other CBD forms. 

The Full Spectrum CBD Soft Gels contain more than 80 naturally occurring cannabinoids for all-around relief. Due to the high levels of CBD, the soft gel is a viable option for anxiety management. It may also help with lowering levels of diabetes and nausea with proper dosage. 

5. Rose Botanicals Infused Body Cream

Infused Body Cream The CBD Infused Body Cream offers moisturizing and protective benefits. Photo:

CBD can also be used in a form of cream. Research has found that CBD cream can be effective to treat specific body parts that are experiencing pain. CBD cream can also help in treating rashes, eczema and psoriasis. 

The THC Free Rose Botanicals Infused Body Cream is an all-around product that provides comfort, nourishment and restorative benefits. It can help manage pain and reduce inflammation. The natural ingredients make it safe for use in any part of your body, even on your face. 

6. USDA Organic CBD Oil Salve

USDA Organic CBD Oil Salve The CBD Salve is applied directly to the skin. Photo:

CBD-infused topicals come in the form of balms and salves which contain cannabidiol as the main active ingredient. The easy-to-store salves are used directly on the skin, helping bring relief from joint and muscle soreness.

The 43 CBD USDA Organic Hemp Oil Salve is made with organic hemp oil which contains 600mg of organic full-spectrum CBD. It is made from 100% organic ingredients which include coconut oil and beeswax.

7. REST(ful) Spearmint Tincture

REST(ful) Spearmint Relax and rest easy with the Rest(ful) Spearmint. Photo:

The next one on the list is CBD oil specifically to help you with your nighttime routine. Studies suggest that CBD can help with sleep due to its anti-anxiety and relaxing properties. 

The Rest(ful) Spearmint Tincture focuses on these properties. It is made from single-source hemp extract and organic coconut MCT oil from 100% Virgin Organic Coconut oil to create a powerful combination for rest.

8. Full Spectrum CBD Capsules

Full Spectrum CBD Capsules The Full Spectrum gel capsule is a great alternative to CBD oil. Photo:

The Full Spectrum CBD capsules are designed for your body to easily absorb hemp oil. Each capsule contains 25mg of CBD with high levels of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. It's a nice choice if you want to avoid the unpleasant taste of the oil. 

9. Made By Hemp Hemp Extract Patch

Made by Hemp – Hemp CBD Patches The Hemp Patch lasts up to 12 hours. Photo:

Hemp Patches are made to maximize the healing properties of CBD when it comes to treating inflammation. Aside from its healing properties, it also provides 12-hour relief from the pain which is significantly longer compared to other forms of CBD. 

The Hemp Extract Batch contains 40mg which is a great dose for alleviating pain but without the "high."

10. CBD Nano Coffee

CBD NANO Coffee The CBD Coffee is a unique way to infuse Cannabidiol in your routine. Photo:

CBD can be taken in several ways and one unique way is by consuming it through coffee. Since cannabidiol is an antioxidant just like caffeine, it's easy to blend them for a better morning routine. The CBD Nano Coffee creates this by balancing caffeine with the cannabinoid. Each coffee contains coffee beans with pharmaceutical-grade cannabidiol.