Apple smartphones have long been proven to be more than just tools for communication. The iOS App Store has several apps that actually aims to help users become more productive and assist them in their daily life and careers.

Here are some apps that are sure to increase your productivity in the future.


This app is an intuitive to-do list app on iPhones that reminds users about their tasks for the day. TickTick has a simple Reminders feature, and its UI is easy to navigate. With the app, you can also schedule tasks using your own voice.

Aside from scheduling your tasks in your iPhone, TickTick also has a reliable cloud system which allows it to sync your scheduled tasks with your other smart devices.


This third-party virtual keyboard application works similarly to the built-in iOS keyboard. It has gesture typing, an emoji library and GIF search and generally helps its users talk to others over the internet.

However, this app also allows you to do a Google search in the middle of chatting, which saves time from opening your internet browser in your phone.

Google Analytics for iOS

If you need to know the trends but you’re on the go, Google Analytics is available as an iPhone app. Through this app, you can easily look at the trends, whether local or international, and get to work easily as you look at the stats to find out if your work will gain massive traction once pushed out to the public.


This media player has a lot of compatibility as it can play sound or video of many file extension types. Aside from its easy file compatibility, the app is also open sourced, which allows it to integrate with other iPhone apps such as iTunes, iCloud Drive, Dropbox and others.

Xe Currency

The Xe Currency app supplies its users with the latest money values and exchange rates from around the world. This app is perfect for traveling entrepreneurs and even tourists who want to stay up to date with the money that they would need in their destinations. Alternatively, non-traveling users can rely on this to stay updated on the exchange rate for any international transaction that they’re aiming to do soon.


This snippet maker app allows users to save images, links and texts from other apps as clippings. In a way, this app provides you the “Ctrl+C” tool from PCs as that feature is difficult to do with the virtual keyboard and controls since it requires pinpoint precision. With this tool, users can work faster with this tool around.

Fantastical 2

This app is quicker when it comes to making schedules and appointments compared to your regular calendar app. Moreover, Fantastical can register appointments on calendar through voice.

Zones World Clock

More than just a regular clock app, the Zones World Clock allows the users to freely convert time depending on time zones. This would be useful for users who need to check time in different time zones, especially if they’re working for companies based abroad.

Drafts 5

Drafts 5 is perfect for users who’d like to scribble their ideas together freely without being bound by any app’s typing restrictions. After finishing, users can save their work in any file extension they wish.


Last but not the least, the iPhone has the built-in Shortcuts app, which allows users to make quick shortcuts to their most used apps through simple voice commands and gestures. Using it may require a little creativity and setting up, but it definitely helps once you get the hang of it.

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Other than the usual apps, other productivity apps can help you work better using your iPhone. Pictured: This illustration picture taken on April 19, 2018 in Paris shows the tablet apps for Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple (GAFA) AFP/Getty Images/Lionel Bonaventure