Restaurants have been hit hard by the pandemic, including those in New York. Due to the lockdown, dine-ins were prohibited leading to a rise in delivery services. 

As this has become the preferred way to support local businesses and enjoy awesome food, DoorDash makes food delivery incredibly easy in all of New York. Ordering for delivery has never been this convenient. In the mood for food? Here are the must-try restaurants in New York this 2021. 

1. Joe’s Pizza

dd1 Joe's Pizza via Instagram Photo:

You can’t live in New York without trying Joe’s Pizza. Arguably the best pizza that NYC has to offer, Joe’s Pizza is a popular classic. It is the perfect comfort food to enjoy at home with your family. It's the classic New York-style pizza you shouldn't miss out on.

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2. Arepa Lady

dd2 The Arepa Lady via Instagram Photo:

What started out as a modest food cart, Arepa Lady has become an established restaurant specializing in Colombian fare. It is best known for their delicious South American corn cakes that are very popular in New York City.

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3. Le Botaniste

dd3 Le Botaniste via Instagram Photo:

Le Botaniste is perfect for people who want plant-based alternatives that taste great. This restaurant is carbon neutral and 99% of its menu is organic. Try their famous Tibetan Mama or the Pasta Bolo paired with a Botanical Salad and Summer Rolls. There are also gluten-free crackers for appetizers.

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4. Tampopo Restaurant

dd4 Tampopo via Instagram Photo:

Get your ramen fix at home when you order from Tampopo Restaurant. It is famous for freshly-cooked ramen and they've managed to maintain the quality of their dishes even for delivery. Check out their menu and try their bestsellers like the Tampopo Ramen, Spicy Ramen, Shrimp Tempura Hand Roll or the famous Tampopo Set that includes ramen, half fried rice and gyoza.

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5. Olio e Piu

dd5 Olio e Piu via Instagram Photo:

For a taste of authentic Italian cuisine, try Olio e Piu’s menu. An upscale restaurant, Olio e Piu’s selection includes their famous handmade pastas like Spaghetti Chitarra alla Carbonara and Tagliatelle Bolognese. They also have other Italian favorites like Insalate, Carne e Formaggio, white wine and handmade pizza made.

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6. Golden Diner

dd6 Golden Diner via Instagram Photo:

Offering a wordly take on brunch staples, this family restaurant is one of New York’s best. Brunch favorites include the honey butter pancakes, green tea coffee cake, Sam's tuna melt and the mushroom reuben quesadilla, which oozes with flavor.

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7. Baar Baar

dd7 Baar Baar via Instagram Photo:

Inventive and flavorful, Baar Baar’s menu includes bestsellers like the chicken tikka and cheddar kulcha and avocado and green chickpea bhel, courtesy of the restaurant’s famous chef Sujan Sarkar. If you want to recreate the Baar Baar food experience at home, you can always get their Chaat Party Pack.

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8. Maya Congee Café

dd8 Maya Congee Cafe via Instagram Photo:

Recently opened, this neighborhood Asian food/grocer is famous for serving experimental congee with avocado, quinoa and more. They also offer Porkduckin with Chinese century egg, which has been preserved for months in salt, ash and clay. Definitely a must-try if you’re feeling adventurous.

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9. Rangoon

dd9 Rangoon via Instagram Photo:

This Burmese pop-up turned brick-and-mortar store offers Southeast Asian cuisine that is quite rare in the city, courtesy of chef Myo Moe. Giving a tasty dose of affordable yet gourmet-quality meals, this restaurant’s available dishes for delivery include their famous cinnamon chicken, spicy pork mee shay and lemongrass fish stew.

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10. Fuku

dd10 Fuku via Instagram Photo:

As the result of David Chang’s fast-food chicken sandwich obsession, Fuku only serves one main dish on its menu: chicken sandwiches. The only decisions you'll need to make when ordering is which type of chicken sandwich you want and if you'll get crispy waffle fries with it. We recommend the Knockout Sando Meal and its spicy equivalent, the Spicy Fried Chicken Sando Meal.

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