10 Best Sites to Buy Facebook Likes & Followers
10 Best Sites to Buy Facebook Likes & Followers Unsplash

Facebook is one of the biggest social media giants and tech brands in the world. The growth of the company has been exponential making everyone who started the company millionaires and billionaires. Currently, there are more than a billion users on Facebook and regularly there are millions of people active. So, it is a good platform if you are looking to gain some exposure for your brand or business. If you have been looking for best sites to buy Facebook likes and followers then we can help you get started.

We have compiled a list of websites where you can buy Facebook likes and buy Facebook followers. Always have a good strategy beforehand which can help you capitalize on the advantage you gain from the purchase of these services.

Here is the list of Best sites to buy Facebook Likes and Followers:


Viralyft Viralyft

Viralyft is a website which sells multiple social media promotional services to help clients get their content viral. Having viral content can be quite beneficial for businesses, brands or individuals trying to grow on social media. It gives them instant exposure to hundreds of thousands of users at once and thus increases the visibility and reach of the content.

More visibility can lead to better engagement and gain you more audience online. On viralyft.com you can get social media marketing services for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, YouTube and SoundCloud. You can buy Instagram followers, likes, views, auto likes. Then there's YouTube views, subscribers, likes and Spotify and SoundCloud plays and followers. For Facebook, you can buy Facebook likes for your Facebook page.

Viralyft has been able to provide services which provide top quality results to clients while keeping the price of the packages reasonable allowing businesses with low and tight budgets to be able to reap the benefits by using the services as well. You do not have to waste a lot of time waiting for the stats to be reflected on your posts or profile. Viralyft tries its best to deliver your order as quickly as possible.

The company claims that there's no risk involved when you purchase the service from them measures have been taken to not jeopardize the safety and security of your social profile thus providing you rock-solid results. Secured SSL gateway is used for monetary transactions. The customer support team is available 24/7 to help clients with their queries.

The cost of Facebook page likes on viralyft.com starts at $19 for 500 likes. The company claims that these likes will be of top quality and will come from different countries all over the world. Unfortunately, you cannot buy Facebook followers from Viralyft at this point.


GetViral IO
GetViral IO GetViral IO

Getviral is a company which claims to provide good-quality services which can help you grow on social media platforms. You can find services for many of the top social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Spotify, SoundCloud and Twitch. You can find various different services for all of those platforms.

Getviral promises that the services it provides will help you grow organically as there won't be any bots or fake accounts but rather real and genuine users who will be liking, following, viewing and commenting on your posts and profiles. It says that this is the way social media promotion needs to be done. The company claims that its services see popular and are of a professional standard.

You get a bunch of benefits when you order your services from getviral.io. First of all, the company claims that all its services are of premium quality. These are curated to help you grow online.

The clients do not have to waste a lot of time waiting for the services to be delivered and the stats to be reflected on their posts or profile since the company promises fast delivery of the products. The company guarantees quality and satisfaction. If you have any trouble with the orders or have any doubts you can connect with the 24/7 support team of the company.

There are a couple of Facebook services which you can purchase from the website. If you are looking for page likes then you can find packages for it. The prices start at $18 for 500 likes. Getviral guarantees refill and the order will start within a few minutes to 8 hours. There are packages for Facebook followers as well. You can buy these at the starting price of $18 for 500 followers. All transactions are SSL encrypted to ensure that everything is secured.


Social Package
Social Package Social Package

SocialPackages is the next service provider. It has been providing digital marketing services for clients looking to boost their presence on various social media platforms. It claims to be the number one source of social media services i.e. one of the best sites to buy Facebook likes, Instagram followers, Instagram views, Instagram likes, youtube subscribers etc.

The company promises that if you are trying to reach your true potential in social media platforms then you can use the services that are on the website of the company. SocialPackages provides these services to high-profile clientele all over the world and is proud of it. The company does not want its clients to have a clunky user experience.

A lot of effort has been put in to make sure that the user experience is smooth and easy. The delivery time has been reduced so that clients can gain the boost they need as quickly as possible. It generally takes a few minutes to a few hours to get the order delivered depending on the quantity.

The company promises that the service has been curated to help clients have the best results and experiences. All the stats delivered to the clients come from top-quality, real and genuine users. It is quite easy to order a service.

Just choose a platform from the top navigation bar. Then choose a service. You will be taken to a page with many packages for the said service. You can choose the one which suits your budget and strategy. SocialPackages can be one of the best sites to buy Facebook likes. You can buy premium Facebook page likes on socialpackages.net for $17 for 500 likes. The delivery will take 1 to 2 days and is generally quite fast for most orders.

Views Expert

Up next is Views Expert which a lot of people have been using to purchase social media services to give a boost to their online popularity. So, when it comes to upgrading your online presence and gaining popularity online Views Expert claims to be the trending way for it.

You can get different kinds of services for popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Spotify, Twitch and SoundCloud. So, if you do like the quality of the services that Views Expert delivers to its customers and the support it provides then you can use it as your go-to place for various social media marketing needs.

There are a bunch of cool services to boost the appearance of your content and profile on social media. You can buy views, likes and subscribers for your YouTube channel and boost your presence there. If you are looking to grow on Instagram you can purchase likes for your posts and also boost the number of followers of your Instagram profile.

It also has services for Instagram reels like views and likes. It is also a good website to buy Spotify plays and likes for your tracks uploaded on those platforms. The company is currently providing Facebook page likes only. The packages for page likes can be bought at the starting price of $16.99 for 500 page likes.

You can easily order the services by heading to the website. You will find the list of platforms at the top and choose the one you want the services for. Next, you choose the service you are looking for from the drop-down list. You will be taken to a page which will display packages for the service. Depending on your budget and strategy choose the one which suits your needs. Now, choose a payment method and purchase the service. The support team is always available to help you out. You can reach them at support@viewsexpert.com.

Follower Packages

The next service provider is Followerpackages. It is all about providing clients performance-based social media services which can provide them with the boost they are looking for to improve their online presence and gain more following. The staff of the company has over 50 years of collective experience in relevant fields and are very ready and willing to lend their knowledge and experience to help customers realize their social media needs.

By using the services that the company provides you can easily boost the credibility of your profile and posts. This will bring more attention from other people as they will be curious to see why your posts have so many likes, views, comments etc. Thus, your stats will increase further giving you more credibility and the cycle continues to a certain extent depending on your promotional strategy and quality of the content you upload.

The company promises timely delivery of the services. You will get the results you can trust from these services. The rates of the packages are affordable and you get excellent customer support. You can buy 500 real Facebook likes for $25. These likes will come from PPC campaign likes. If you want to buy post likes then the starting price is $10 for 100 likes.


Famups is a company which believes that if you use the services provided by it correctly it will take you a few minutes to get the desired boost on the platform of your choice. When you visit the website famups.com you will find services for popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, Spotify, Twitter and YouTube.

The services that Famups provides are meant to boost all the connections which you play through the various popular social media platforms that we mentioned above. It claims to implement organic ways by which you will get an increased engagement rate on your social profiles.

The company keeps on changing and upgrading itself to be able to provide the best services. It uses some of the advanced methodologies and digital round maps which will help drive traffic to your social media profiles.

The company also claims that its services use digital solutions which are meant to help businesses or brands convert the online audience that they have gained to their long-term customers. After all, this is what businesses want when they decide to promote their products or services online. Famups use masterpiece action and latest ideas to provide you with the best results. There are multiple plans and packages to help out the clients.

You will receive the order on time if you purchase the service from Famups. The company takes responsibility for all clients' safety and privacy. The costs of the packages have been kept reasonable. You will receive authentic support throughout. You can always contact them and share your queries and doubts to get them cleared.

If you are looking to buy Facebook followers then you can get 200 followers at $12. There are other bigger packages as well. The cost of Facebook page likes starts at $18 for 500 page likes. You can even get Facebook likes just from the US. The starting price of those packages is $20 for 100 USA likes.


Thousands of people have used the services provided by Getrealboost to realize their social media goals and grown on the various popular social media platforms. The company is focused on making affordable services which won't break the bank of its customers and at the same time not compromising with the quality of the services so that the social media marketing of the clients can be made efficient, convenient and convertible.

It claims that all the likes, views, followers, subscribers etc. which you order from the website getrealboost.com come from accounts which are real and genuine. So, it doesn't matter if you buy Facebook likes or buy Facebook followers you can be assured that there are no bots. You need to connect with the support team and ask the process that the company uses to deliver you your purchase.

The company claims to have been a trusted source of social media services as you can get premium-quality promotional services from the website getrealboost.com which are meant to give you a real boost. There's a team of experts who work to help the clients achieve their social media goals. These people have a good amount of expertise in this industry and have achieved success. Now, they have decided to use their knowledge of the industry and experience to help clients with various problems.

The cost of Facebook page likes packages start at $11 for 200 likes. These likes will be coming from all over the world. You can also get likes for your posts and it costs $5 for 200 likes. There are other packages as well. If you have been looking to buy Facebook followers then the price starts at $9 for 200 followers. The followers will be from all over the world. You also get the benefit of 24/7 support.


The next site is social-viral.com. It provides services to help you make your content go viral. The platforms which it supports are Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter and Spotify. The company promises to deliver real and genuine services i.e. all the stats, be it likes, views, followers etc. that you receive after purchasing the packages will come from accounts which look real and will not cause any problems for you. Social-Viral says that it has high standards and will provide services of top quality as it's services are used by a lot of famous influencers and celebrities. Once you try out the services it provides you will understand why so many people choose to trust Social-Viral.

If you work with Social-Viral it promises that you will get benefited by a lot of its features which include immediate results. You will not have to wait for long to see your stats getting boosted. Also, all the stats as mentioned before are genuine i.e. they come from real and genuine accounts. The services have been kept affordable so that you can easily get the boost you need without spending a huge chunk of your budget. Social-Viral has carefully curated these services so that you get what you are looking for without paying more than you need to.

You can buy a bunch of Facebook services like followers and likes. If you are looking to buy followers for your Facebook profile then there are a few packages for it on the website. The starting price is $6 for 100 followers. You can buy Facebook page likes as well as Facebook post likes. For page likes, the price starts at $2.99 for 50 likes and you can also purchase post likes which start at $3.99 for 50 post likes. For queries reach out to the support team.


Up next is Boostlikes which is another social media service provider. It provides services for the top 4 social media platforms Viz. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. There's a variety of services for each of those platforms. You can buy Twitter followers, Instagram followers and YouTube views. The website is popular for the services it provides for Facebook. You can buy Facebook page likes, and followers, post shares, post likes, profile followers.

The company claims to have a bunch of advantages when you choose it to buy the services rather than choosing other providers. The likes, views, followers which you get after purchasing the service from the website are of nice quality and takes a bit of time and effort to deliver. Boostlikes claims that other companies will just provide you with fake stats generated by software.

The profiles which provide you with stats after purchase from Boostlikes are real and will last for life. All the stats you purchase will appear naturally as you acquire them with the help of the company. The company is based out of the US and provides dedicated support to its clients. It has been in this field for more than a decade and has put the effort into building the system. So, when you get likes, views or followers from the website it will help your profile grow on the relevant platform.

As mentioned before you can buy a bunch of Facebook services from the website. The price for Facebook page likes starts at $23 for 250 likes. The cost of Facebook profile followers starts at $13 for 250 followers. For post likes the packages start at $17 for 250 likes. You can also select the speed of delivery as monthly drip-feed. It costs very less to add this feature. For Facebook post likes you can choose the auto like and share package where you pay a monthly charge and you can opt to get a certain number of likes and shares on the posts you make on Facebook for that month.


Venium has been around for quite some time and provides a variety of social media services to help its clients grow on various social media platforms. The company has a solid understanding of how promotion needs to be done on social media platforms. It has decided to bring in simple ways by which it can boost its client's presence online.

The company believes that keeping the methods simple can make the results more effective and efficient. It is all about relevance and how direct you are in your approach without going round in circles. In this seemingly complicated field, Venium has decided to choose a straightforward approach to help its clients with the services it provides for social media marketing.

Venium cares about its clients and wants to help them reach their desired social media goals by being with them throughout and providing the purchased services which will deliver the results that they are looking for. The services have been curated in such a way that it maximises results for the clients. The team of experts working in the company has over 55 members.

Venium has two decades worth of experience in marketing and promotion and has been able to satisfactorily provide services to over 265k customers. The platforms for which you can get some services from the website are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify and YouTube. You can buy Facebook likes and followers. To make the experience of their users easier and smooth the company has focused on developing mobile applications which can be downloaded on iOS or Android smartphones.

You can order easily and also track your orders once the purchase has been done. The delivery will be quite quick and the price of the packages are not that expensive so even with a small budget you can check out the services that the company provides. Before making any purchase remember to connect with the support team to get your doubts cleared.