With billions of people around the world using the internet, it’s only a matter of time before all businesses, big or small, transition to the e-commerce platform.

According to the latest report from Oberlo.com, there is a significant increase of consumers in the online shopping market and the United States is expected to have 266.7 million online buyers this 2022. Hence, the competition among businesses will surely get tougher. Eventually, you'll need to make use of tools or software that can help boost your brand to improve its image and sales.

If you’re just launching your business online or planning to increase your visibility among consumers in search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing, you might want to start with search engine optimization (SEO). It’s a digital marketing technique that makes your business more visible as it helps increase online traffic in your website/s so there’s more chances of consumers availing of your services and products. It also helps in developing strategies to gain an advantage over competitors.

Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it seems as there is now an SEO software that can assist you in all your needs, especially when using website builders such as WordPress. Check out this in-depth review of Squirrly SEO, an SEO software that provides easy access to online performance statistics of WordPress websites.

Squirrly SEO Overview Squirrly SEO Overview Photo: AppSumo/ appsumo.com

What is Squirrly SEO?

Squirrly SEO is the high-tech solution for SEO management. It’s an artificial intelligence (AI) powered software that has all the features you need to rank high on search engines. It also provides a step-by-step process on actions that need to be taken to optimize your SEO. One of its best claims is that even with at least 600 different features, it’s still easy-to-use even by non-tech savvy users.

Squirrly SEO offers fail-proof methods for managing your website’s SEO and it has been recognized by well-known industry experts such as Business Insider, Wall Street, Forbes, ClickZ and many more.

Squirrly SEO Best Features Squirrly SEO Best Features Photo: AppSumo/ appsumo.com

Squirrly SEO Best Features

As it has a lot of features, we’ll give you a rundown of the best and most important ones to kickstart your website visibility.

1. Focus Pages

When handling a number of pages, this feature would be the best assistant to give you great guidance in which pages to prioritize. Search engines change depending on different trends, so this ensures you won’t miss out as you’ll be given a visualization of ranking factors. One of its best functions is that you can customize the information of your pages depending on what you need to focus on.

2. Keyword Research Tool

This feature guarantees to give you a winning strategy that can beat your online business competitors. It provides a list of unused key phrases that fit the image of your site so you gain more traffic to your website. It starts by checking Google Search, if it’s being talked about on social media and the chances of your site ranking higher. It helps you make the best decision in choosing the right keywords for your site.

The feature also provides trending keywords in different countries, it’ll give you insights on which areas to focus on, especially if you're planning to expand your business internationally.

3. Know-How by SEO Consultants

You’ll be guided by the top SEO consultants in identifying which issues are interfering with your SEO management. You’ll gain access to the steps for achieving higher rankings on Google Search, receiving more traffic and the time you need to spend on SEO. Wait and see how every SEO goal turns into achievements for your website.

4. SEO Tracking

You can now monitor your website’s progress without the hassle, as the software can keep track of online activities and notify you when there’s a problem or if everything is going smoothly. It will give you access to page traffic statistics, engagement progress, authority increase, rank increase, evolution of keyword ranking and the number of social media shares. This gives you in-depth insights to your site’s performance and make better decisions for your brand.

5. Briefcase

The Briefcase feature is what makes Squirrly SEO stand out from other SEO software, as it easily connects the use of keyword analysis to strategy implementation. This feature allows you to save and categorize keywords depending on which are relevant for campaigns and on trend performances. You can also easily organize these by adding labels and filters, so you can locate them in your website portfolio.

6. SEO Virtual Assistant

If you’re still navigating through the e-commerce platform, such as knowing when to post content to gain more website traffic, this feature would be the best assistant. This feature will let you know when content is good for posting, as it can give feedback on whether you’re using the right keywords, if the article is too long and if your introduction is strong enough to make an impact. You won’t have to doubt your content ever again.

7. Blogging Assistant

WordPress is also commonly used for bloggers, which is why Squirrly SEO offers tools to make content more human and Google-friendly. This makes it easier for you to find copyright-free images for articles, integrated trending topics and quickly fact-check on information.

8. SERP Checker

Aside from improving your content, it provides a list of where you rank on Google Search not only in your country, but around the world. It can also assess content performance in social media channels. This gives you valuable insights on consumer preference, so you can adjust your content to their wants and needs.

9. Bulk SEO

One small mistake can ruin your chances of reaching the top rank on search engines, so it’s always best to double check every page setting before posting content. But with numerous pages, you might overlook some areas. This is where Bulk SEO can assist you. In just one panel, you can already view and edit the visibility, META, open graph and Twitter cards.

10. SEO Audit

With the SEO Audit feature, you’ll be given a weekly report of your website’s performance and tips on how to fix them. The report contains a weekly traffic report, average content optimization, your most shared content, index status of URLs and many more.

Squirrly SEO Reviews

Most consumers are more than satisfied with Squirrly SEO’s services, claiming that it is a “life-changing” software that has significantly improved their keyword search. It has also provided easy application of SEO management as it is not complicated to use. It is known as one of the best SEO plug-in software for WordPress.

Squirrly SEO Pricing Squirrly SEO Pricing Photo: AppSumo/ appsumo.com

Squirrly SEO Pricing

Through AppSumo, you can purchase a Lifetime Deal for using the software, where you can make use of the product as long as it’s available in the market. However, there are different price plans that you might want to check out to know which best fits your business. All price plans include unlimited pages for content marketing analytics, content optimization, Google rank checker, SEO strategy and many more.

The prices vary depending on how many sites will be accessing the software. For the Single, it allows five sites, the Double allows 10, while Multiple allows an unlimited number of sites. Prices start at $69 for a one-time purchase.