10 Effective Ways to Get More Facebook Likes 10 Effective Ways to Get More Facebook Likes Photo: Pexels

If you are looking to promote your business or brand on Facebook your posts need to have good visibility and a lot of likes. Having more likes tells Facebook that people are engaging with this post and they will try to show it to more users.

If you are starting out it can be tough to gain likes for your posts. One tool that you can use to initially gain some traction is to buy Facebook likes. This method can improve your post's aesthetics and attract more people to it. Another way is to ask your friends and family members to like and share your post.

These are some of the methods that you might have come across and we have talked about buying likes in detail on this website.

So, we decided to provide you with 10 other suggestions which can help you gain more likes on Facebook.

Have a Marketing Plan:

A person with a plan is more likely to be successful than a person who jumps without any strategy. We often advise our readers to take a good amount of time to create a solid marketing strategy for social media marketing.

Digital marketing is one of the best and most effective ways of marketing. But it is kind of different from regular marketing. The way you interact with people and the way they interact with businesses and brands on social media is different. Your plan should include your goals, and What you need to remember is that even though Facebook has a great market potential it is not a marketplace at its core.

People who use Facebook want to connect with their family and friends and look at memes, news and other interesting stuff. If they see you selling stuff blatantly then they will be turned off and will try to ignore your posts. So, you have to find different ways to get them to engage with your content and this needs good planning before posting.

Research your audience thoroughly and try to make content which will be interesting for them. If you sell nerf guns then your target audience can be teenage boys. This means you have to target the advertisement towards them and not the elderly women where you might have less success. Set a goal which you want to achieve with your post and compare it with actual results. This will help you understand what works and what doesn't and thus you can improve upon this.

Understand What Works:

Look, social media has grown exponentially in the past decade. They have gone from being a leisurely platform where people pass their time to a place where brands are competing for the users' attention. This is the reason lots of people have done extensive research on social medial and use their findings to ensure maximum outcome when promoting their business.

So, if you research well you can find out what works and what doesn't when it comes to Facebook posts. You do not have to exactly copy the format. Be creative and give the posts your own flavour. But do follow the general structure. If you see that listicles are more popular than other types of posts then create a listicle that people will be interested in.

There are many types of posts on Facebook. You can have plain texts, images or video content. In general, a catchy image or video is more likely to grab a viewer's attention than a plain text. Make sure you have a good caption.

Let's say you own a travel agency. You researched and found out that when it comes to this business video posts about the place are more engaging to viewers than blatantly trying to sell your service. So, what you can do is post a video where you show the spots in Thailand which are lesser-known but quite interesting to visit. You can plug your agency at the end of the video informing the viewers where they can avail your services. Have a caption like - Did you Know These Places Exist in Thailand or 10 Places You Never Knew Existed in Thailand. Even if a user is not going to Thailand anytime soon they might be interested in watching the video.

So, just research and find out what kind of posts work in what field and use the information to create your own content.

Look at the Competitors and Other Popular Pages:

This is similar to the second point but we wanted to be specific in this one. If you want your posts to have hundreds and thousands of likes then look at the pages which are already getting that result. Big companies and popular pages often use extensive research to find out what works and what doesn't and you can use their research as well.

Understand what they are doing right and what you can learn from them. If you have a travel agency then look for other similar business pages on Facebook and click on the popular ones. Look at their popular posts. You will start seeing a pattern.

We suggest you take one of their popular posts and redesign it, use a different photo, font, colour and rebrand it. This way you are not stealing their content but rather giving it your own touch. Why should you do this? Well, because the chances are they put out this and many other posts like this because it works. People like to engage with it. Let's go back to the travel agency example. If you see that popular travel pages are posting content that deals with romantic travel places then you can do the same. Post an image or a video content - These 10 Places in Thailand Will Rekindle Your Love or Secret Honeymoon Spots in Bali.

Make Sure You Have a Nice Facebook Page:

This is another very crucial step to ensure your posts get a good number of likes on Facebook. Gaining likes from new audiences or users who do not follow or like you is harder than getting likes from people who already like your page and are your audiences. So, you have to work on building a solid audience. One of the ways to do it is to have a nicely-created and detailed Facebook business page. Your page should provide all the necessary details that you would want your potential customers to know about your business.

While creating a page you come across the about section. Take your time and fill it up with as much detail as possible. This way when a person lands on your page they can clearly understand what your business is all about and if they stick around or like your page what they stand to gain.

Have a good quality profile picture and a great cover photo. If you own a vacation rental and you are using Facebook to market your business then have a really good photo of your property as the cover photo of the page.

Have a username for your page which will generally be the business name so that your business page URL is simple and easy to read rather than it being a string of randomly generated numbers.

Be Consistent:

Another way to ensure that your posts get a good number of likes is to be consistent with your posting schedule. Post regularly and ensure each content is tailored to generate audience engagement. This does not mean that you have to post daily. But posting 5 times a week is sort of ideal.

This means that you have to constantly come up with new post ideas which are then used in conjunction with want works. Your schedule is something you have to plan out in detail. Of course, nothing is permanent as you have to keep changing your schedule depending on the feedback that you get from your posts.

We suggest you follow the above-mentioned points and research what type of content works, who is your target audience, what is the best time to post and various other stuff. Then use this research to come up with post ideas and then divide them accordingly. This will help you with your consistency.

Post At The Right Time:

This is another crucial step if you are looking to gain a lot of likes on your post. You have to time it right. Most popular pages have researched when it is the right time to post and they regularly post during those times to maximize audience engagement. Let's try to take a very simple example. You sell baseball-themed t-shirts.

 This means that the bulk of your audience will be coming from the North American continent. So, you have to post at times when users from this geographical location are active on Facebook. You have to research and find out at what time these users surf Facebook. This way you can expect your post to be visible to more audiences.

Use Facebook Insight and Other Tools to Optimize Research:

A great thing about using Facebook for your business promotion is that you get a bunch of tools to analyze your performance and then adjust your marketing strategy according to that.

Facebook insight is a good tool which lets you know a bunch of information about your post. You can infer which posts work better and also find out what time is best for you to post. Once your business starts growing we suggest you start looking for third-party tools.

These tools have more flexibility and use a lot of different variables while analyzing your data to help you better optimize your post content and timing to ensure maximum audience engagement.

These tools use various machine learning algorithms to help you understand how your competitors are doing and which posts of theirs are working. These tools will also help you in finding your target audience quite precisely.

Paid Promotion:

Earlier, when social media was just a place for people to spend their leisure time it was comparatively easier to get users to watch and like your posts. But due to the huge growth of this industry every hour an average user's news feed is filled with thousands of posts.

So, if you want more likes on your posts you have to compete with all the thousand posts for the user's attention. You can follow our suggestions from before and create engaging content but for most businesses that may only work to a certain level.

You need to consider paid promotion if you are looking to increase your post visibility and thus getting more likes. But you have to still follow all the suggestions that we have talked about. Paid promotion just ensures that Facebook will also put in some effort to make your post visible. But while creating an ad you still have to ensure that the content is engaging and you have fine-tuned the correct audience.

Be Interactive With Your Audience:

This might not seem to be connected to the number of likes but it very much is. If you build a good relationship with people who are already engaging with your content then they will feel like you care and be willing to engage with your future content.

So, be as much interactive as possible and try to post content which sort makes your audience engage with it in the comments as well. You can ask where they would like to visit for their vacation and if anyone is planning a vacation. Then go through the comments and discuss the topic with them and if you can provide information and advice then do that in the replies.

This will build a good rapport with your audience and who knows maybe they will share your content with more people and help you to gain facebook followers thus gaining more visibility and likes.

Giveaways and Contests:

This might not be applicable for all the businesses but you can always come up with creative ways to hold contests and giveaways. Many businesses use this tactic to generate likes for their posts and make users take notice of their business page and posts.

Contests and giveaways are always fun so come up with an idea or better yet, use a format which is currently popular. Contests don't have to be huge just try to get people's attention. If you are launching a new product or service you can use this method to increase your reach and visibility.