Digital marketing is crucial in reaching target markets online. But aside from coming up with the best social media engagement ideas, you also need to have an excellent digital marketing strategy. Here are some of the best social media management tools and the best social media apps that can help you get more conversions. You can also enjoy great discounts when you get them today!

1. Linkjoy

Linkjoy A great way to utilize links. Photo:

Linkjoy is a multifunctional tool that allows users to maximize the use of links. The first step is creating mobile-friendly micro landing pages with the help of the platform's customizable layouts. The application works well for businesses that have a website, as you can easily integrate links to your products or services into your social media accounts. The best part is that Linkjoy also tracks analytics such as the number of clicks, conversion rates and even referral sources.

2. Pictory

Pictory Create short content from long video formats quickly. Photo: Pictory is perfect for those who use long-form content for their webinars. With Pictory, you'll get help from an AI in transforming your long video into short and digestible social videos. Ideal for content creators and eLearning instructors, the tool also allows users to customize their videos with intros, outros and even captions. You'll get production-level editing with a few clicks and adjustments.

3. Switchy

Switchy Redirect customers with a single click thanks to Switchy. Photo:

While Switchy utilizes links to increase traffic to your business, it is more ideal for marketing agencies, e-commerce shops and advertisers who wish to create ultra-segmented ads across multiple platforms. What's unique about Switchy is that you can add retargeting pixels, A/B testing or geographical redirecting to increase conversion. The platform highlights its ability to redirect customers that have clicked your generated link to an ads platform that is much appropriate for them.

4. 8Designers

8Designers Create high-quality ads for your campaign. Photo: If you're a small business that is new to digital advertising, we recommend getting the 8Designers ads generator. The tool allows advertisers to look and generate ads from more than 200 existing templates to help them get higher click and conversion rates. All templates have been tested to assure users that each generated ad has a high impact on intended markets.

5. DesignPopo

DesignPopo Maximize Canva with unique and high-quality templates from DesignPopo. Photo:

DesignPopo is a great platform for those who make use of Canva in creating graphics. Not only do you get access to fully customizable design templates, but you'll also receive 4500+ ready-made assets that you can mix and match to suit your design preferences. The templates are ideal for Instagram businesses that focus on personal branding as well as educational posts.

6. The Graphics Creator

The Graphics Creator Create professional-level graphics with a few clicks. Photo:

One of the biggest and most consistent struggles in digital marketing is creating graphics. The Graphics Creator is an easy-to-use tool that allows users to create Facebook, YouTube or even blog images. It allows users to create animated graphics and custom mascot characters to best suit their marketing plan. There are tons of ready-made templates available and simply drag and drop any built-in elements or stock photos to instantly generate your needed graphics. For only $69, you get access to more than 5000+ PNG graphics and 1200+ unique templates.

7. LeadPal

LeadPal Boost your lead generation conversions with LeadPal. Photo:

One of the most underrated aspects of digital marketing is lead generation. With LeadPal, you'll get an all-in-one tool that can generate email leads from top social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. LeadPal creates an easy lead generation system that allows users to opt-in to your campaigns with a single click. You don't need to worry about false identities as the tool utilizes social media network authentication in filtering out fake accounts.

8. aikontent

aikontent Never miss posting content. Photo:

Being consistent with content is important in creating constant engagement with your target market. However, it can be very tedious as you try to come up with new content every single day. Luckily, aikontent offers an automated way of blog promotion to increase user engagement. The tool builds a series of social media posts that is also dated for posting. This is made possible through AI and Machine Learning programming that scans your blog and checks for the best type of content to run. The tool can schedule up to 12 months' worth of campaigns, making it a much convenient alternative to manual postings. 

9. Blakify Text-To-Speech

Blakify Text-To-Speech Save money from hiring voice talents with this tool. Photo: The Blakify app is a must-have for those that make use of voiceovers and podcasts in their content. Instead of looking for voice talent, simply type in your text and get your voice audio in a matter of seconds. It supports 65 languages and options for more than 400 voices, it's a terrific way of creating voice content that doesn't sound like AI.

10. SocialNowa Chatbot

SocialNowa Chatbot No need to manually respond to all inquiries. Photo:

No need to hire support staff or sales representatives when you have SocialNowa. It automates the manual task of responding to inquires across a variety of social media websites and posts. But it doesn't stop there, it can also be used for lead generation as it can collect phone numbers, emails and other information you need in your operations. It also supports bulk posting making it a must-have for the low price of $49.

11. Watermarkup

Watermarkup One click to place your watermark across multiple files. Photo: Designers and photographers always try to place a watermark on their designs or images to prevent content theft. However, placing a watermark across 300-500 images is not just time-consuming but also stressful. Watermarkup allows users to place a watermark whether in a single photo or to an entire batch. Aside from placing a watermark, it also allows customization by adjusting the opacity and size of your placement.

12. Instantly capture and record possible leads. Photo:

The is created for businesses that focus on generating leads and converting them into scheduled appointments. With Calendly integration, you can capture and record the names, emails and phone numbers of prospective customers. The package also comes with Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics to help you make decisions for your ads. It is perfect for digital agencies as it can support up to 10 projects and 10 custom domains.