A former football player in Ghana was arrested after several human heads, including that of a 13-year-old boy, was found in the fridge in his house.

According to the police, the incident came to light after the teenager's father forced his way into Gyamfi's house and found three human heads and other body parts packed in the freezer.

The man then informed the police, who arrived at the house in Sunyani Municipality, and recovered the severed limbs and heads, 7News reported. The 13-year-old has been identified as Louis Junior. Ghana police took 28-year-old Richard Gyamfi into custody Monday.

Junior's father, Thomas Agyei, said Gyamfi lured his child from the football park into his house and murdered him, according to The Will Nigeria. After the child was reported missing, the father approached Gyamfi, who denied seeing Junior. However, a friend of the victim had told Agyei he saw Junior with Gyamfi at the park.

“After further interrogation, he said his house keys were missing, which aroused suspicion,” Agyei told local media.

The angry parents rushed to the house of the footballer and forced themselves in only to find the headless body of Junior lying on the floor.

“The search party became infuriated, went back to the suspect’s house and discovered one of the rooms in the house was locked,” Agyei said, according to Ghana Web. “We asked the suspect to open the room but he refused to do so under the pretext that the key to that particular room was lost, so we forcibly broke into the room and I saw the body of my son lying prostrate in a pool of blood.”

The identities of the other victims have not yet been made public.

“The remains are being moved to the Ghana Police Service hospital morgue in Accra for forensic analysis to be done to support the investigation," Alexander Obeng, the Director of Public Affairs for the Ghana Police Service, told local media.

He added they are providing psychiatric support to the families of the victims, members of the community and the police officers involved in the case. An investigation is currently underway into the incident.

Gyamfi is currently in custody of the Bono Regional Police Command for further investigations. The charges placed against the former footballer remain unknown. It also remains unclear if anyone else lived with Gyamfi at the residence where the horrific crimes took place.

Dead body
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