While spending a lot of time indoors may not be what a lot of people are eager to do this summer, just because the warmer season is here doesn’t mean that you have to spend all of your time out in the sun. For those who prefer to still stay inside with blissfully cool air-conditioning, Netflix is the perfect way to enjoy that time on the couch and get caught up on some of the biggest shows out there. Here are 15 great options to kick off your summer binge list.

“The Baker And The Beauty” (Season 1)

After a Miami baker breaks up with his girlfriend when she proposes, he finds himself catapulted into a new romance—with a famous fashionista. The two try making a relationship work, but find that the paparazzi, their own prying family members and their jealous exes are going to make things difficult.

Why You Should Watch: While the series only lasted for one season on ABC, it is the perfect show for a summer binge, with plenty of comedic moments, smaller elements of drama and lots of romance—and it’s also set in Miami, which is a perfect location when thinking of the summer heat.

“Bridgerton” (Season 1)

Daphne Bridgerton makes her debut in Regency London's marriage market, determined to find a true love match, until her brother gets in the way of all her prospects, landing Daphne in the pages of the scandal sheet written by the mysterious Lady Whistledown, and without favor. With her prospects dwindling, she feels she may not find love after all. Meanwhile, Simon, the Duke of Hastings is determined not to find a match, in an effort to keep a promise he made to himself not to produce an heir. The two decide to team up with a faux romance in an effort to improve Daphne’s prospects and keep Simon off the radar for others. What they don’t expect to find is that they have an irresistible pull towards one another, one that may be impossible to ignore.

Why You Should Watch It: At this point, it’s kind of hard to ignore the show, which quickly became Netflix’s biggest hit after it debuted last Christmas. If you haven’t watched yet, now is the time to do so, because more seasons will be coming, and the last thing you want to do is miss out—especially with Lady Whistledown’s ever-watchful eye.

“Cobra Kai” (Seasons 1-3)

Ralph Macchio and Yuji Okumoto star in Season 3 of “Cobra Kai.”  Courtesy of Netflix

30 years after the 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament, Daniel Larusso is struggling without Mr. Miyagi’s guidance, especially when Johnny Lawrence comes back around and reopens his Cobra Kai dojo.

Why You Should Watch It: If you loved “The Karate Kid,” seeing the events unfolding in present-day and a modern setting will be a nice treat.

“The Crown” (Seasons 1-4)

Even a fictionalized accounting of the Royal Family is worth binging on, which is possible with “The Crown.” Ollie Upton/Netflix

A biopic about Queen Elizabeth’s reign takes viewers through the decades of her rule—from her early years as a young and unexpected sovereign, to her days as she becomes a grandmother. Not only does the Queen have personal issues in her life that she has to learn how to balance with her title, but her own Parliament—and the outside world—also add to the struggles she faces as she tries to figure out what’s best for the Commonwealth she serves.

Why You Should Watch It: If anything, the royal family only seems to become more relevant with each passing day, with fans constantly devouring any news they can about the family, who are constantly plagued by scandal and intrigue. What makes the show a great binge though is the fact that, while some elements are fictionalized or sensationalized, much of the series is based on actual events that have occurred, and this is as close to an inside view of what goes on behind closed doors as royal watchers are likely to get. With more seasons in the works which will tackle events such as the shocking death of Princess Diana, now is the time to catch up.

“Emily in Paris” (Season 1)

“Emily in Paris” is the perfect quick summer binge. Lily Collins is pictured. Carole Bethuel/Netflix

Emily, a marketing executive from Chicago lands the dream job of a lifetime when she’s sent to Paris after her company acquires a French luxury marketing company. Emily quickly learns that life in Paris is certainly different from life in the United States, and as she juggles professional challenges, she also begins to have some romantic ones as well.

Why You Should Watch It: If any show on this list is an easier binge than the rest, it’s this light-hearted series, which can easily be watched in a few short hours. It’s also just plain frothy fun—Emily's life is certainly exaggerated and plays into stereotypes about French culture, but isn’t overly obnoxious either. At the very least, the men on the show are a fun distraction.

“Firefly Lane” (Season 1)

Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke star in “Firefly Lane.” Courtesy of Netflix

Two inseparable best friends share a bond that sees them through four decades—but not everything is always easy for them.

Why You Should Watch It: Based on the bestseller by Kristin Hannah, the series manages to keep viewers guessing with every episode about how events of the past shape the ones of the present, especially when they see how it actually affects the bond between the two main characters, expertly portrayed by Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke.

“Lupin” (Parts 1-2)

The surprise hit series “Lupin” returns for Season 2 on Netflix this summer. Emmanuel Guimier/Netflix

A man’s quest for revenge against the Pellegrini family, and the man who ripped his world apart and tore his family into pieces, keeps him busy as he continues trying to wreak havoc, but finds himself needing to come up with a new plan as he tries to successfully finish his plan.

Why You Should Watch It: This was a surprise hit when Season 1 premiered, and with Season 2 having just dropped, fans can once again face all the intrigue as Assane continues seeking out ways to destroy Hubert Pellegrini.

“Marriage or Mortgage” (Season 1)

Nichole Holmes and Sarah Miller star in a reality series that is a surprisingly fun binge watch. Courtesy of Netflix 

What happens when couples have a certain amount of money to spend, want to have their dream wedding and buy a dream home, but can only afford to choose one? In this case, couples faced with that impossible decision seek out Nashville-based wedding planner Sarah Miller and real estate agent Nichole Holmes, who compete to try and convince the couples to make what each believes is the right decision.

Why You Should Watch It: While the show seems to have some far-fetched moments, it’s somewhat grounded in a very real scenario for couples all around the world. Should they spend their hard-earned money on their big days? Or should they instead invest in their future and buy that amazing home of their dreams? The show is perfect to binge if you think you know the answer—and want to spend plenty of time either guessing which way the couples will go, or yelling at your TV when you realize they didn’t make the same decision you would.

“The Queen’s Gambit” (Season 1)

The Queen's Gambit
Anya Taylor-Joy stars in “The Queen’s Gambit.” Phil Bray/Netflix 

As a young girl who was orphaned in the 1950s discovers a talent for chess which will make her world-renown later in life, she also becomes addicted to tranquilizers that the home gives the kids in its care. As she gets older, her talent and her obsession transform her life as she tries to challenge the male-dominated world that is competitive chess.

Why You Should Watch It: Anya Taylor-Joy is a gem in this dark drama, and fans who want to see a woman compete against men—and win—will also get a kick out of the show.

“Schitt’s Creek” (Seasons 1-6)

The Rose family has been forced to adjust to a new reality when their lives are destroyed and they are forced to give up the ritz and glam for a very small town that they own as a joke—Schitt's Creek.

Why You Should Watch It: This true gem of a comedy series, which swept the Emmy’s with its final season last year, is finally available as a full collection on Netflix. For a fantastic time (and seriously quotable one-liners you will never get tired of), give this show plenty of time in your summer binge queue.

“Selling Sunset” (Seasons 1-3)

Seven successful female realtors who work at The Oppenheim Group in LA, deal with competition in the cutthroat LA real estate market, as well as personal dramas.

Why You Should Watch It: Luxe real estate that will make you drool as you see lavish homes you could only dream to own? Major drama and catty moments to make you cringe? This show has both—think of it as watching “House Hunters” mixed with “The Real Housewives” and you’ll quickly find your new guilty pleasure.

“Selena: The Series” (Seasons 1-2)

Christian Serratos stars as Selena Quintanilla in the biopic series “Selena.” Netflix

Selena Quintanilla was the Queen of Tejano Music—but how did she get there? This biographical series looks at the life of the most successful female Latin artist of all time—whose talent was cut short after her shocking murder at Age 23.

Why You Should Watch It: The series tells Selena’s story well, and while fans know how her life came to an end, they may not know everything else about her life, making the show a fascinating watch.

“Too Hot To Handle” (Season 1)

One the shores of paradise, a new batch of gorgeous singles meet and mingle—and put their ability to thwart desire to the test as they compete to win a $100,000 grand prize. Will they give in to temptation?

Why You Should Watch It: Netflix has started to impress with its reality TV drama series, and this was a smash hit the first time around. With Season Two premiering on June 23, fans will be able to enjoy a double dose of the drama, making the guilty pleasure series one that will surely be a hit all summer.

“The Wedding Coach” (Season 1)

"The Wedding Coach,” a humorous take on weddings, starring Jamie Lee, will be the best binge. Netflix

Weddings are beautiful occasions full of love—but ask anyone who has planned one, and they may not feel the same way. Enter comedian Jamie Lee, who felt the same way after she planned her own fairytale event, and is now on a mission to help couples navigate the unexpectedly challenging world that is planning their big days, by being their guide with some very real observations and perspectives that can help them kill their drama and enjoy the day they’ve been looking forward to.

Why You Should Watch It: Brides who have been planning weddings—especially those who had to scrap their plans and deal with even more drama following the COVID-19 Pandemic—will find some comfort in this show, as they realize that they aren’t alone when it comes to maybe feeling less than ecstatic in the leadup to their big days.

“Workin’ Moms” (Seasons 1-4)

Working moms who are friends deal with the struggles of balancing their careers, families and love lives—sometimes with hilarious results.

Why You Should Watch It: This comedy series is a delight, with a perfect combination of light-hearted laughter, raunch and drama, meaning it has a little something for everyone. Season 5 debuts on June 15, meaning fans will also be able to indulge on all the hijinks.