An autopsy report released on March 16 showed that the bodyboarder who died on Christmas Eve in Morro Bay, California, was killed by a 16-foot great white shark.

Tomas Abraham Butterfield, 42, from Sacramento, was bitten on the head, chest and shoulder and died within minutes, according to a coroner's report, the Tribune of San Luis Obispo County reported this week. He was near an area just north of Morro Rock and was visiting family from out of town for the holiday.

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Detective William Miller said in a report that Butterfield died from “complications of multiple penetrating blunt force traumatic injuries.” The report also noted that one bite mark was 16 inches long.

“It appeared that there were about three different primary bite zones: right shoulder, right side thoracic (chest) cavity, and head,” Miller said. “The wound to his thoracic cavity appeared to be in at least two distinct arcs, indicating the shark likely re-set his purchase on the decedent.”

Butterfield was found by a nearby surfer that spotted him face down in the water while still connected to his bodyboard, according to reports.

An investigation concluded that the attack was from a great white shark through a DNA sample taken during the autopsy, according to Mike Harris of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

The California Wildlife Department says that great white shark attacks in the area are considered “extremely rare.”