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  • When you just want to get your job done, being the victim of coworkers from hell can be frustrating
  • These real-life stories are a mix of hilarious tales and frustrating accounts
  • One coworker just doesn't get the social cues when a colleague wants to end a conversation

At one point in your career, you have probably encountered a coworker you just can't seem to bear. Either because of their outrageous, weird, scary behavior or the sheer lack of professionalism, these people usually make things a lot harder to stomach in the workplace. When you just want to get your job done, being their victim can understandably lead to some frustration.

Now that it is National Slap Your Annoying Coworker Day, check out some frustrating stories from people who have once experienced working with such annoying folks who tested their patience and perhaps resulted in some slaps in the workplace.

A Reddit user once asked, "That annoying coworker – what does he/she keep doing?" The responses were very far from boring. It was a mix of hilarious tales and frustrating accounts of people who want a good working environment with normal people in it.

Here are 16 of the most outrageous and downright frustrating responses about their coworker from hell.

1. The HR Worker Who Needed Every Email Printed


"This guy sent an email to her, then immediately walked over to talk to her about it. She reached for a manila folder, opened it, looked through some papers, then said, 'Sorry, doesn't seem like I have that email.'"

When told the email was just sent to him, he looked through his folder and, again, said, "Sorry, not here!" – u/TheHighSepton

2. The Spray Tan Spreader

"My wife has an annoying co-worker that uses that fake spray tan stuff."

"We're not sure if it's a nervous tick or what, but she likes to rub the side of her face against door jambs and corners if she is leaning against it while talking to you. Their office is full of orange patches about 5 1/2 feet up from the ground," shared one Reddit user.

3. The Rapper's Hype-man

Underneath the foam windscreen looks like a conventional dynamic microphone
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Here's how a conversation with this coworker usually goes, according to u/Jazzremix: "So, last night, I went to the grocery store (store). When I was in the line to check out (out), the guy in front of me was paying with a check (check). It took this guy 10 minutes to write it out (out)."

4. "He doesn't get my social cues of when I want to end a conversation."

"I've started to get pretty blatant now, turning my back and starting to type an email, etc. but [he] doesn't seem to get it. One time I started walking down the corridor to the kitchen to end the conversation, and he decided to get up and follow me down, continuing to talk all the way!" – u/Neeerdlinger

5. "Keeps referring to me as Morpheus."

This coworker would also do judo ninja matrix moves "in my face every time we pass each other," shared u/slnkycrmr_datnose.

6. Meanwhile, There's The Boss Who Would Refer To His Colleague As "Skywalker"

Star Wars
C3PO, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker are pictured in an early "Star Wars" film. Lucasfilm

"Is this common? My boss refers to me as 'Skywalker' and makes lightsaber sounds whenever I pass by him," responded another [Reddit user] with a coworker from hell.

7. The Constant Leg Tapper

For this Reddit user, the habit is downright "infuriating."

"We have connected table/spacers, and I've even separated the desks, but I'm still constantly vibrating. He's brought down books, name toblerones, nothing is safe. I can't even have a glass of water on my desk without feeling like I'm in Jurassic f--king Park."

8. The Office Toe Clipper

"This comes up all the time. But please, for the love of f--k... clip your goddamn toe/fingernails AT HOME."

Another Reddit commenter noted that many people out there are doing this at the office.

9. "Just will not let go of the iPhone vs. Android debate."

This coworker attempts to "turn every minor technological disagreement we have into 'you're wrong because you have a Samsung.'"

The commenter u/Arjay_Dee added, "Also tries to tell me that every photo he takes is great quality because he took it with his iPhone. I have a DSLR that I use for work. I almost brained him with my spare lens."

10. The Hype Man

"A guy at my office sits in the communal dining area and says, 'There he/she is! Hahaha!' to literally everyone who walks in."

Try to ignore him by looking at your phone, and he would say, "Communicating with the aliens again, are we? Hahaha!"

"F--k off bro, I'm just tryna get a coffee," shared this person's frustrated co-worker.

11. The Farter-Burper Combo

"I work in a small office setting, so it's usually just two or three people working at a time," shared a Reddit user.

"I actually like this coworker, but she farts and burps allllll the time, and since she smokes, there's always some sort of smell radiating from her area. That's the one thing she does that annoys me, but oh well, not everybody is perfect."

12. "Continues to ask for rides to/from work without even bothering to ask if I want a little gas money."

Apple Carpool Karaoke
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"It's not even necessarily the money I'm worried about, it's the principle," said this Reddit user. "Also, it's not like he lives next door to me either. And he guilt trips everyone when they can't give him rides. He's like 25 years old. It's like dude, #GrowTheF--kUp."

13. The One Who Needs An Hourly Retouch


"We have an office bimbo who insists on re-applying her make-up every hour," shared yet another frustrated co-worker. This person "walks into half-finished conversations and immediately laughs to pretend she knows what was just said, clomps around in ridiculous[ly] high heels that can be heard across the other side of the office and is clearly incompetent at every task that could be handed to her."

14. "He says 'currently right now.'"

Reddit user hereuntilnow elaborated, "Never just 'currently' or 'right now' or even 'at this time,' but 'currently right now.'"

15. A colleague that would listen to one song on loop the whole day, every day.

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"The song changed once in a while. For a week it was Jason Mraz," shared Reddit user straydog1980.

16. "Sips (slurps) coffee and goes 'Ahhhhh' loudly."

"Every. Freakin. Time. Forgot to mention, the travel mug he drinks from has some sort of pressure valve that squeals every time he takes a drink," contributed a different Reddit user.