A South Carolina woman allegedly disposed of two of her newborns in dumpsters to cover up her pregnancies over the course of 13 months. According to local media, the newborns died shortly after they were thrown away.

Alyssa Anne Dayvault was charged with two counts of homicide by child abuse and two counts of destruction, desecration or removal of human remains. The North Myrtle Beach Police Department said she allegedly committed the crimes earlier this month and in November 2017. If convicted, she could face life in prison. The 30-year-old is being held without bond at J. Reuben Long Detention Center.

The incident came to light after Dayvault was admitted to the Grand Strand Regional Hospital on Dec. 5 for heavy vaginal bleeding, the police warrant stated.

The hospital staff called the police after Dayvault "delivered" a placenta and umbilical cord consistent with a full term pregnancy, but no child. During questioning, the woman, who is a makeup artist, admitted she gave birth to a baby boy at her North Myrtle Beach home.

"The defendant stated that the child was born alive and took multiple gasping breaths after having been born. The defendant further stated that she failed to secure medical treatment and did not personally take action to attempt to preserve/save the infant's life," the warrant reportedly stated. "The defendant then disposed of the child's body in a waste receptacle at her residence in NMB without seeking help or notifying authorities."

Officers later obtained Dayvault’s medical records, which showed in November 2017 she was pregnant and disposed of that infant shortly after a home birth.

According to the Daily Mail, Dayvault is employed as a personal makeup artist and hair stylist at Exalt Salon in Little River, South Carolina.

In another incident, a teenager in Utah was arrested and charged after she gave birth to a baby in her home's bathtub and put the body of the dead newborn in a drawer. According to reports, the girl gave birth to the child on March 30. Police learned about the incident after they were called to the residence on April 18 and found the decayed body of the infant. The girl was charged with abuse or desecration of a dead body, a third-degree felony.