Smartphone trends have shifted more into innovations of designs and features rather than purely focusing on phone style and size. So far, the Android phone market has some incoming devices that will have a foldable display, and punch-hole cameras. These features are potentially the best route for this year and could interest many users in buying these phones.

According to DigiTimes’ report, Samsung has been noted to have a strong start this 2019 with their upcoming punch-hole camera features on their devices. The punch-hole cameras are barely noticeable take up a small space of the device’s display hence the “punch-hole” name. Sometimes, the punch-hole camera are part of the phone’s screen. Moreover, these cameras have its front and back versions which work well with most photo ops for social media or just plain selfies. So far, Samsung’s Galaxy A8, ZTE's Axon M, and Huawei’s Nova 4, are the ones known to be great sellers for a good part of 2019.

Meanwhile, the foldable display phones shown on the recent CES 2019 provides a unique innovation smartphones so far. So far, these phones have foldable parts to it which could reduce or increase the screen size depending on the user’s needs at the moment. More than standard flip phone folding, the new phones featured a unique style of folding as the device seems to have foldable side parts of the display instead of the middle. So far, Samsung also enters this competition with their Galaxy X, while China’s Royole FlexPai flexes against the competition with a large foldable display. Speaking of flip phones, Motorola is also expected to release a new “RAZR” smartphone that would be some sort of comeback for them this 2019.

In other news, Apple has yet to show any new devices this year. In their appearance in CES 2019, the company has voiced out their interest on providing more on services rather than announce a new device. For now, we’ll have to wait if this smartphone giant has something to show that’ll beat this foldable display and punch-hole camera trends.