• 2020 iPad Air to sport mini-LED display
  • 2020 iPad Air to have no notch but have in-display biometrics
  • iPad Air could look fairly similar to the iPad Pro

Folks who may not want the iPad Pro for some reason like cost or features could wait a couple of months more for a likely cost-friendly tablet. The word out is that the Cupertino company will be revealing a new iPad Air and the upgraded model will come with some interesting features.

Leaked information came out recently on Twitter through L0vetodream claiming that Apple is currently working on an iPad Air with a mini LED screen. The leaker has a fair track record and added that the notch will no longer be around for the next tablet and that it will include an in-screen biometric security feature instead. It should be noted that the iPad Air will not have a Face ID feature but a Touch ID under the screen.

Aside from that, there were no other striking details on what the alleged iPad Air would be composed of. But if the notch is indeed out, it makes a bit of sense. It means the next iPad Air could come fairly close to looking like the iPad Pro 2020 although without a camera in the side bezels which are used for Face ID. The new design is long overdue so the redesigned iPad Air angle makes sense as well.

Aside from the tweet from the anonymous leaker, Bloomberg reported in September of last year that Apple was working with in-display fingerprint readers. However, the feature was meant for Apple's next band of iPhones, particularly the iPhone 12. The Cupertino company may have included the 2020 iPad Air mainly because the tablet was due for a redesign.

It should be noted that these fingerprint sensors are present inside the screens. They are different from the traditional ones most have seen in devices, meaning a user would need to press the screen for proper authentication done through light signals. This is a feature most can find in most Android-powered phones out today.

Equally interesting is the claim that the 2020 iPad Air will come with a mini-LED display. This suggests better contrast displays and range that should align with other devices of today. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo did suggest before that Apple was working on a 10.2-inch iPad with a mini-LED display, further backing L0vetodream's tweet.

Apple iPad Air and Mini Apple iPad Air and iPad Mini. Photo: Apple/Press Release