• The victim came to Delhi four years ago as a domestic worker 
  • She met the accused on Facebook and got involved in a romantic relationship
  • The accused lured her to a nearby village so that she could meet his parents

In a shocking incident, a 23-year-old woman was allegedly lured into a forest area by her boyfriend where she was gang-raped by 25 men.

The incident happened in the Indian capital of Delhi on May 3. The woman approached the police nine days after the incident, reported India Today.

Police said the woman, a domestic worker, came to Delhi four years ago. In January, she met a man named Sagar on social media. The duo exchanged numbers and soon struck a close relationship. It was then that the 23-year-old man asked her to come to the nearby town of Hodal. He said she could meet his parents, where they could discuss getting married.

As planned, the woman left for Hodal on May 3. However, instead of taking her home, Sagar took her to a forest near the town. There they met Sagar's brother and a group of his friends, who were all inebriated.

The men took turns to brutally rape her. The next day, the woman was taken to another place where she met a scrap dealer named Akash. There she was raped again by five men, including Akash, according to Times Now.

The repeated sexual assault left the victim unwell. When her condition deteriorated, the men decided to abandon her. They fled after dumping her on the roadside.

The ordeal left her shattered and in poor health. However, on May 12, the woman mustered the strength and approached the police. She filed a complaint against Sagar and 25 others for gang-raping her. According to the woman, the delay in filing a complaint was due to her poor mental and physical health.

According to the police, the main accused, Sagar, has been arrested. An investigation is on and the officers are searching for others involved in the crime.

Though the police tried to get in touch with the woman's family as she was in distress, the victim said she was not close with her family and didn't want to involve them.

A similar case was registered last month in the Indian city of Rajasthan after a 17-year-old girl, who was "sold off" by her parents into marriage, was gang-raped by her in-laws. The girl who ran off from her marital home was later rescued by the Railway Protection Force.

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