$30,000 returned
Carol Sutor returned $30,000 she found in a stash of clothes Tumblr

Carol Sutor of Bristol, Pa., returned $30,000 after finding it amongst a bag of clothes.

"I had to give it back. I believe in karma; whatever I do will come back to me, good or bad," she told phillyBurbs.com.

Sutor had received the bag of clothes from a cousin, who gave them to her for her mother.

"My cousin lives in Medford [N.J.]. She has a daughter; the daughter's mother-in-law died, so the mother-in-law had all these really good clothes. My cousin calls and asks if I want the clothes for my mother. So I says sure, drop 'em off," Sutor said. "So I go through the clothes and I come across a canvas bag on a hanger. In the bag was a plastic bag."

She was stunned to find the large sum of money, originally thinking it was “play money.” The $30,000 was in several bank envelopes in the form of $100 bills.

Though the money would have help solve Sutor’s financial problems, she knew to immediately return the cash.

"Things are tight. You struggle in your business, like everybody's struggling. But when you struggle you think, oh, wow if only I had money, my troubles would be solved. And so all this money shows up, but it's the wrong way for it to come. It wasn't mine and I knew it," Sutor explained.

She returned the money, but did not go unrewarded. Her cousin Marlene Lattanzi gave Sutor $1,000 of the money, and was equally surprised at the large sum.

Lattanzi was thankful but not surprised but Sutor’s honesty.

“We have a great family, and all of us cousins grew up together. We were all raised the same way. You don’t take things that don’t belong to you,” Lattanzi said.