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A one-man Japanese developer, Throw the Warped Code Out, has decided to create “Back in 1995," a 32-bit horror game reminiscent of the old school PlayStation One survival horror games that were released back in the 1990's.

As can be seen from the gameplay trailer below, “Back in 1995” is fairly reminiscent of the old horror games like the original “Resident Evil” or the first “Silent Hill.” According to Pocket Gamer, it has everything from broken English to tank controls, along with the aforementioned 32-bit graphics.

Even the story of "Back in 1995" is fairly similar to the classic horror games. “Back in 1995” has its players control a man, who finds a message that instructs him to meet someone in a mysterious tower. As the game continues, mysteries unfold and monsters make their presence known as the character attempts to survive and make it to the tower and meet the mysterious person.

Gameplay has players using a pipe wrench to defeat enemies, though players are also advised to escape enemies, as the protagonist can only take a few bites before dying. Players interested in the mystery can collect documents that have information on mysterious keys that can unlock doors, which will help advance the story.

Takaaki Ichijo, the developer behind Throw the Warped Code Out, originally showcased the game at the 2015 Tokyo Indie Fest, which can be seen via Twitch TV. He stated that the game was originally supposed to come out for PlayStation mobile, but that service is slated to end on July 15.

Ichijo has since been in talks with Sony to bring the game to the PSN Store, where it will be playable on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. It is where he first showcased the game and he is hoping to find a publisher soon. Those interested in “Back in 1995” can find out more about the game through its official website.

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"Back in 1995" Tester trailer (Credit: YouTube/Ichijou Takaaki)