It was a close for a Florida fisherman over the weekend when he came face-to-snout with a massive blue marlin off the coast of the Dominican Republic.

Several fishermen aboard a fishing yacht aptly named “Marlin Darlin'” reeled in a 350-pounder that nearly impaled one of them in the process. The entire incident was caught on camera by Bobby Jacobsen of Clearwater, Fla., and has since gone viral on YouTube, drawing more than 380,000 views.

The 54-second clip shows a pair of fishermen trying to reel in the huge blue marlin as it flies into the boat with such force that its spear-like snout almost impales one of the men. It took three men to hold the fish down. Usually Capt. Eddie Wheeler releases his catches, but this marlin died of self-sustained injuries and Wheeler decided to give it to local fishermen, he told the Tampa Bay Times.

Blue marlins, which prefer warmer waters close to the ocean’s surface, are among the fastest fish in the sea. While their meat is considered a delicacy in Japan, marlins are not considered an endangered species. But conservationists argue that unsustainable fishing practices may threaten marlins’ existence in the future, according to National Geographic.

It's not the first time this summer that a fish flew into a boat. In July a large Gulf sturgeon leapt into a Florida family’s boat and struck three children, giving 8-year-old Nathaniel Smith two skull fractures.

“We were bream fishing and it started to rain, so we cranked up and the kids huddled under a tarp in the front of the boat,” Wilson Scott Smith, the boy’s father, said in a press release. “The sturgeon just came out of nowhere, and I yelled and tried to cut the motor, but it was too late.”