After spending Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas with Charlie Brown, fans are once again going to be able to spend a holiday with the Peanuts character, when his New Year's special, "Happy New Year, Charlie Brown" airs on ABC.

The special is airing as a part of ABC's holiday special programming, and features the story of Charlie Brown trying to read "War and Peace" for a book report assignment all Christmas break. However, when Peppermint Patty throws a New Year's Eve party and Charlie Brown gets distracted by everything going on, he waits for the last minute to do his report—and suffers as a result.

However, even fans who have watched the special every year may not know everything about the special. Before sitting down to watch, check out these four fun facts about "Happy New Year, Charlie Brown!"

The Special Ends With A Dedication

The special is dedicated to the loving memory of Bernie Gruver, a designer who had worked on previous "Peanuts" specials. Gruver died of pneumonia prior to the release of "Happy New Year."

"War And Peace" Is Included For A Reason

Though Charlie Brown always seemed to be of an indeterminate age, "War and Peace" being assigned as his Christmas break reading assignment seems heavy. However, the book, which is known for its length at over 1,200 pages, was actually one of comic strip creator Charles Schulz's favorites, hence why it was included in the story.

ReRun Returns For This Special

After receiving his own special, "I Want A Dog For Christmas, Charlie Brown," Lucy and Linus' younger brother makes an appearance once again in "Happy New Year." This time around, he doesn't speak, which is usually the case for the character, and he only features in the scene where he tries to help his siblings blow up balloons for the party, and fails by blowing them all into square shapes.

The Special Features Another Appearance Of The Little Red-Haired Girl

For the second time, the Little-Red-Haired Girl made an appearance in one of the specials. The character, known as Charlie Brown's crush, causes some controversy with this appearance. The character is also based off an old girlfriend of Schulz, Donna Wold, who ended things with him after he proposed.

"Happy New Year, Charlie Brown" airs tonight at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.