There’s nothing “Star Wars” fans love more than stewing over every tiny detail of each frame in the entire franchise. Eventually, fan theories start to form as to why certain details exist or to speculate on how certain things will pay off. So it shouldn’t come as any surprise that, occasionally, these fan theories have been dead on.

Darth Maul survived getting cut in half

Not only did terrifying Sith Lord Darth Maul get cut in half, but he fell into a seemingly endless pit. The fans just didn’t want to believe that their favorite villain died, so they just easily never believed it actually happened.

Whether Lucas had something in mind the whole time or if the fans talked him into it, he brought back Darth Maul.

“Star Wars: The Clone Wars,” which is officially canon, revealed that Darth Maul, now just known as “Maul,” survived the fall and now walks around with a pair of cybernetic legs. He even made another live-action appearance in “Solo.”

Ewoks eat humans

The adorable little Endor aliens famously modeled after shih-tzu puppies showed up in “Return of the Jedi” and helped the rebellion fight the Empire. As it turns out, they’re excellent warriors and show a keen ability to set traps all throughout the forest, smashing Storm Troopers around every corner. Unfortunately, they also turned out to be a little annoying.

This got the cogs turning in people’s heads. They noticed that in the scene where Luke and Han get tired up next to a fire, it looks an awful lot like they’re about to be cooked and eaten.

The theory that Ewoks ate human flesh floated around even pre-internet, but stuck around long enough for an animated series, "Star Wars: Forces of Destiny,” to come along and confirm that it. The cartoon consists of 32 episodes that revolve around each of the original movies and is considered completely canon.

Yoda’s species are all connected to the Force

As Esquire pointed out, there have only been two members of Yoda’s species to have shown up on the big screen, Yoda and Yaddle. Each were members of the Jedi council. That is, until, recently.

“The Mandalorian” has been a huge success so far and that’s partly thanks to fan-favorite “Baby Yoda.” His or her actual name isn’t known, but it’s an infant. Yet, despite being an infantile body, it’s a 50-year-old creature. Furthermore, Baby Yoda saved Mando’s life by using the force, something never before seen in a baby.

This show confirmed that each member of Yoda’s species are all, at least to some degree, connected to the Force for two different reasons: first of all, Baby Yoda was able to use force push to disperse some enemies away from Mando and second of all, it’s able to slow its aging, something a powerful Force user can do. Since this is now canon, it means that Yoda’s species are the only ones in the Star Wars universe that are like this, as actual Force users were considered rare.

Princess Leia is a powerful Jedi

When it was revealed that Princess Leia was the twin sister of Luke Skywalker, fans were shocked. One of the reasons is because Luke was supposed to be one of the most powerful Jedis anyone has ever seen and yet Princess Leia, while displaying some natural warrior talent, never showed any signs of the Force.

Carrie Fisher final Star Wars
Carrie Fisher will appear in "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker." Lucasfilm

That wasn’t good enough for fans, obviously. They knew that deep down she was one of the most powerful Jedis in the Star Wars universe and that she had some Jedi tricks up her sleeves yet to be shown on the big screen.

As Screen Rant pointed out, these fans finally got their moment in “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” when Princess Leia showed us the most useful Jedi skills to date: she could survive in the cold vacuum of space and also fly. Even in the increasingly insane sci-fi fantasy world of Star Wars, something like that isn’t possible for anyone else.

While we may not see her Force push any Stormtroopers around or wield a lightsaber anytime soon, it’s worth noting that there’s much more to the Force than that. Where Yoda’s species can use it to slow their aging and Darth Maul could use it to survive being cut in half, Leia harnessed the Force to survive space.