• Codi Bigsby was last seen in his house around 2 a.m. Monday
  • He is approximately 3 feet tall
  • The police do not believe the boy was abducted

The police in Virginia were reportedly searching for a 4-year-old boy, who allegedly disappeared from his home early Monday.

Codi Bigsby was last seen around 2 a.m. Monday in his home in the Buckroe Beach neighborhood. He was reported missing around 9 a.m. by his father, Cory Bigsby. Cory told the investigators Codi was missing when he woke up Monday morning, and added he searched the house but could not find the child.

After Codi was reported missing, the officers with the Hampton police searched the house. Several partner agencies were also called to assist with the search after Codi was not found in the nearby areas.

Hampton Police Chief Mark Talbot said the police were questioning Codi’s parents, and some of the stories they shared with investigators did not match the evidence found.

"I think that's self-explanatory. The evidence doesn't match what we've been told. So we need to investigate further," Talbot said, WVTR reported.

There were other children in the house at the time of Codi's disappearance, who were reportedly safe, according to the Daily Press.

Investigators said Codi's parents were separated, and he lived with his father.

The police had the "most interest in" Codi’s parents, WTKR reported. According to Talbot, the police have "a person of interest" in the case, but did not identify their name.

They were also questioning other people apart from the parents, and believe Codi was somewhere near his home.

The authorities added Codi or any information relating to the disappearance was less likely to be found the further they got away from the home, WTKR reported.

The police expanded their search Tuesday to a nearby Steam Plant in an effort to cover all bases during the search.

"The investigation does not indicate that he was abducted. There's just no reason to believe it. We certainly are open to that as a possibility. It is not likely," Talbot added. Since the police do not believe Codi was abducted, an AMBER alert has not been issued.

Codi is Black and has a height of approximately 3 feet. He was last seen wearing all-black clothing and Spider-Man flip-flops.

The FBI is assisting the Hampton police with the investigation. Authorities have also asked for the public’s help with the search.

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