Apple's latest flagships offer the best camera capabilities in any iPhone lineup. In fact, they perform so well that experts in the field consider them to be the best choice for mobile photography. They're that good.

Despite the praises the iPhone 11 Pro series' cameras have received, Apple continued to improve on their photography game and kept releasing updates with enhancements and features. Here are five camera settings iPhone 11 Pro users should know in order to maximize the use of its triple-camera setup.

Capture Outside the Frame

The iPhone 11 Pro's triple-camera setup includes an ultra wide-angle camera that captures photos ad videos outside the frame. The device then stores the capture for a limited time so that users can readjust the framing of a photo for 30 days.

Sometimes, the iPhone itself automatically adjusts the framing using the content outside the frame; adjusted photos can be identified via a blue Auto badge at the top-right corner.

Users can enable this feature by going to Settings, then to Camera, then by toggling options under “Capture Outside the Frame.”

Change Aspect Ratio

While this feature may not seem like it's something big, it will be useful to users who like to play with their photos. This can be done by opening the Camera app, tapping on the arrow in the action bar at the top of the screen, then look for the “4:3” icon on the bottom action bar that appears. Tapping on this icon allows users to change the aspect ratio.

Auto Low-light FPS and 4K video recording

Apple is the first smartphone maker to offer a flagship capable of recording 4K video at 60 frames per second. That said, the new iPhone 11 Pro doesn't capture videos that way by default; users will need to set them up manually.

This is done by going to Settings, then Camera, then Record Video. Once there, users will need to choose between 4K at 30fps and 4K at 60fps. Choosing 4K at 30fps enables users to use the Auto Low-Light FPS feature, which automatically adjusts the framerate in dimly-lit settings to improve video capture.

Deep Fusion

Deep Fusion, which will go live once the iOS 13.2 update officially arrives, is a computational photography feature that uses a combination of several shots taken at various exposures to produce one highly detailed photo. It will work in medium- to low-light settings, but won't work with Night Mode below.

Night Mode

Night Mode allows iPhone 11 series users to take great shots at night. It allowed professional photographer Austin Mann to take unbelievably astonishing shots that captured various landscapes and details at night. It works automatically, which means every iPhone 11 Pro shot taken at night will look fantastic.

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