Facebook users spend 700 billion minutes per month accounting for a quarter of the World's total web traffic.In spite of that, most of them have not explored beyond the communicating and sharing features.

Here are five cool features of Facebook, you didn’t know about:

Facebook Credits

Credits are virtual cash that can help you buy virtual goods in many games and apps on Facebook platform.
These currencies can be bought using PayPal, credit card or via mobile phone.
Facebook has lately partnered with a Malaysian company MOL, which allows virtual currency for online games and services to be sold at retail shops across Asia.
You can also buy credits for free, by clicking on “buy more” on the Credit Balance Line on the account settings page. And then you can click on the purchase choices link at the bottom of the page.
Choose 'Earn credits', and continue. Next thing, you'll see is a large selection of signups and offers that will earn you from 4 to 600 credits. You can also convert Bing Rewards to Facebook credits to get free credits.

Hide photos from a group of people

If you want to make your picture inaccessible to some people, you just need to use the 'list' feature to make a list of people who you want to hide the picture from.
To do it, click 'Account' in the top right corner and click Edit Friends.
Then click “Create a List” and add people to your list.
Then you need to click the account again and follow it by clicking Privacy Settings. Click Custom in the left panel, then Customize settings below the chart.
Scroll down to anything you want to hide, click the drop down menu next to it, then click Custom again. Then under the “Hide” option enter in the name of the group you just created to complete the procedure.

Search Smart

Hitting a query on Facebook’s search box, you get different types of results including users, applications, Pages and so on.
If you want to eliminate on some result types you have to pretext your query with specific text. Once you are done you have to filter after hitting the magnifying glass icon.

Removal of apps that you are not using any more

Even if you have stopped using the apps that you used to use earlier, don’t forget that it still has access to your wall, pictures, friends and other information.
To remove these apps, click 'Account' in the top right corner, then 'Privacy Settings', followed by Edit Your Settings under Apps And Websites in the bottom left of the privacy screen.
Then click Edit Settings to the right of the 'Apps You Use' panel. Finally click on the light gray “x” to the right of the app you are not using any more.

Reset your photo view

If you don’t like the new black box photo view, you can just hit F5 or browser refresh button and you can see your photos, the old way.