'50 Shades of Grey'
E.L. James’ “Fifty Shades of Grey” The Writer’s Coffee Shop

Take a couple seconds to forget about who will be playing Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele in the “50 Shades of Grey” movie, because before the S&M romance novel makes it to the big screen, it will be tackling television! “Law and Order: SVU” is about to get “50 Shades of Grey.”

Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele won’t be making it onto the long-running drama, but author E.L. James will see a character inspired by her hit “Law and Order: SVU.” E! Online reports that “Veep” actress Anna Chlumsky will be playing an E.L. James-esque character, an author of a novel called “25 Acts,” which like “50 Shades” is a “wildly successful S&M romance novel.”

The “25 Acts” author will find herself in a bit of trouble when a famous television host played by Roger Bart forces himself on her. According to E! Online, Mariska Hargitay’s Benson and Kelli Giddish’s Rollins will try to convince the author to press charges, but Danny Pino’s detective Amaro end up uncovering a dark secret on her ... a secret that has the potential to destroy her career.

“The idea is not to run on fumes and make sure everyone who’s here wants to be here and wants to keep it alive,” showrunner Warren Leight told Entertainment Weekly of the 14th season of “Law and Order: SVU.” “There is no end to the number of topics in the news that make for interesting episodes for us and interesting issues to explore. Raising awareness about certain issues is part of what makes the show valuable.”

While “50 Shades of Grey” isn’t a crime story, “Law and Order” has a history of reworking news headlines into episodes. Check out a couple real-life stories that made their way onto “Law and Order” and it’s spin-offs over the years.

“Babes” -- Season 10, Episode 6 of “Law and Order: SVU”

Many viewers might remember the pregnancy pact story because of a Lifetime movie, but the events actually occurred in 2008 in Massachusetts. A group of teen girls created a pregnancy pact, and 17 ended up pregnant at the same time. In season 10 of “Law & Order: SVU,” two groups of girls had made a pact, one a pregnancy pact and the other a chastity.

“Excalibur” -- Season 18, Episode 18 of “Law and Order”

Remember that drama surrounding former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer in 2008? Spitzer stepped down from office after being implicated in a high-end prostitution ring. The event made a great episode in which the New York Governor was involved in a prostitution business.

“Hollywood” -- Season 1, Episode 1 of “Law and Order: Los Angeles”

The first episode of the “Law and Order” spin-off focused on a “bling ring” similar to the ones that targeted the homes of Paris Hilton and Orlando Bloom a couple years ago.