Instagram is still the hottest platform for business and influencer marketing alike, so how can you grow your following? We've got the lowdown on where to buy followers to boost your platform.

It's nearly 2021, and the urge to buy Instagram followers sure hasn't wavered. Most people know that if you're going to have a strong Instagram platform, you've got to have enough people viewing your content, always gaining more reach to build your Instagram empire.

So, what is the best place to buy Instagram followers? There is still a lot of controversy around buying Instagram followers, but ultimately, we're going to give you the 411 on where you can buy active Instagram followers that will help your account grow.

We'll also answer some of your most pressing questions and tell you the pros and cons of going this route to stimulate your Instagram growth. Let's go!

Top Pick: Best Site to Buy Instagram Followers - Growthoid

Our top choice for buying Instagram followers is without a doubt Growthoid , as they offer the best bang for your buck for a couple of reasons.

Growthoid is a manual Instagram growth service, which means you won't have to worry about seeing a bunch of fake profiles or bots popping up— they do everything by hand, so you'll see real, targeted Instagram followers over time, which means your engagement won't suffer either.

Since engagement is a huge part of success on Instagram (more about that later), you need to get a growth service where you can buy active Instagram followers, and none of those inactive or filler followers. Growthoid's dedicated account manager works to find you those followers through targeted engagements, working as basically an extension of your own hand.

Growthoid is a super unique service, and it's rare that you'll find one that really cares about your growth, building your real followers by hand. That's what makes them so unique, and we're here for it!

It can be so tough to buy Instagram followers that actually add value to your account, so using an Instagram growth service like Growthoid will give you peace of mind and provide you with exactly the results you need. They've got tons of satisfied clients already, which is awesome!

Their service is also really easy to use, and their support team is so responsive and helpful. They've got 2 affordable monthly payment options, no contract, a guarantee, and accept a variety of payment methods. We love a transparent place to buy Instagram followers! Growthoid takes the cake.

Runner-Up: Best Place to Buy Instagram Followers

Growthoid is our top pick, but that doesn't mean there aren't other options out there. We're going to give you 5 of our runner-up picks for the best site to buy Instagram followers.


While it can be scary to put your Instagram growth in someone else's hands, when you buy followers from GrowthSilo , you've got nothing to worry about. They deliver what they say and work to help recover the reputation of Instagram growth services out there!

GrowthSilo is an Instagram growth tool which works to expand your Instagram following with real, active followers that are connected to your niche. They use a variety of targets to do this, which you'll set up with them when you start. The benefit of this is that you'll be exposing your content to people who are likely to be interested in it, which is truly the only valuable way to buy Instagram followers.

If you buy followers that aren't interested, or fake, you won't get any return on your investment, and you also put your account integrity at risk.

GrowthSilo is a completely managed service that works on your Instagram growth through a variety of methods so that you don't have to. It's ideal, because it gives you the opportunity to focus on more important aspects of your Instagram, such as content creation and hashtag strategy.

Social Empire

Social Empire is another best site to buy Instagram followers because it offers a variety of different strategies in order to grow your Instagram.

Another feature that Social Empire offers is growth for other platforms as well, which is beneficial if you're looking for cross-platform growth. They help you to see how things are going with their dashboard, which can be a good way to monitor your growth.

They have a lot of options in terms of features of growth that you're looking for, but you'll have to choose wisely because they don't have any refund policy, so if something doesn't go the way you hoped, you won't be able to get a refund.

Media Mister

If you're looking for buying packages of Instagram followers, Media Mister has been around for so long they should definitely be your go-to choice. While we typically don't advise that you buy bulk Instagram follower packages, sometimes there's a need, and if you're going to do it, you may as well do it from one of the best.

Their delivery is a bit slower in comparison with other services that provide similar services, but this could be due to enhanced quality, which is okay in our book.

Media Mister's team of experts can help you get a quick infusion when you buy followers from them. Although it may not be the long-term solution you're looking for, it is an option to get a boost in your followers.

Socials Growth

Socials Growth is a bit different in the sense that they're more of a social media marketing agency, but they've been in the game for quite a while now and also vow to keep your account safe and make sure to bring valuable results, so that's a plus.

They also have a lifetime warranty, so if you happen to lose some of your engagements along the way, they'll help to recuperate that for you.

Pros of Buying Instagram Followers

There are some incredibly distinct advantages to buying followers. It's not easy to attract all of the necessary followers naturally; there's so much competition out there these days, it can be difficult to generate all of the organic reach that you need.

Buying followers can help you do that, if you choose the right service. Let's examine some of the pros you'll enjoy when you buy real Instagram followers.

More Engagement

Because the followers that you're buying are actively gained through Instagram growth services, you'll enjoy more engagement because the followers are real accounts. Not only are they real, but they're within your targeting range, so that means they'll be connected to your account and actually interested in the content you post. This promotes engagement and attracts them to like, comment, and share your content.

The reason why engagement is so important is because Instagram is based off of algorithms, which favor accounts who have higher engagement levels. If your content, let's say a photo post, gets a lot of comments and likes, it will be boosted to those users, as engagement signals interest.

Posts and accounts that perform well with consistently high rates of engagement are more likely to end up on the "explore" page, as well as in the top post sections of hashtag feeds.

The ultimate takeaway here is that the key to more reach on Instagram is engagement. That's why when you buy active Instagram followers as opposed to fake ones, you're giving yourself a real advantage.

Optimized Instagram Workflow

There's no debate that Instagram is a time-consuming endeavor. There are many moving parts in having a successful Instagram platform— you've got to constantly plan and shoot creative content, you have to organize it and plan your posting schedule, and you've also got to have a captioning and hashtag strategy.

In addition to that, you have to make sure that you keep everything consistent and have a cohesive brand image and aesthetic, maintain contact and interaction with your followers, find ways to get them to engage, as well as use Instagram stories effectively. The list goes on and on!

It's no wonder that people try to find alternative methods of growing their Instagram account, because that alone takes hours, and it's too hard to balance all of these tasks.

There's no question that when you buy followers, you save yourself countless hours of finding targeted users, engaging with them, and then responding back hoping that they'll give you a follow. It's certainly possible, but if there are Instagram growth services like Growthoid and others on this list that can deliver results, it's a great investment. After all, time is money.

Generate Interest and Credibility

When you are consistently bringing in new followers, people take notice. New followers generate interest around your brand and can also boost your performance against the Instagram algorithm.

When you are getting new followers and engagements, it shows that something is valuable and interesting about your account, and it will get better reach and have higher interest levels.

The more followers you continue to build, the more engagement you'll get, and therefore your account will have a higher level of credibility. It's important that you make sure you're visible and accessible to your followers; if they write to you or comment, you should write back and be engaging with them in order to add an extra layer to your credibility. This is invaluable in showing your reliability and building trust on Instagram.

When you purchase Instagram followers, you're giving yourself the opportunity to generate interest and build credibility not only in your Instagram profile, but in your business, brand, or influencer status.

Affordable Growth Solution

There are other alternatives to buying Instagram followers, such as using Instagram ads or hiring an Instagram marketing firm to handle your account, but the truth is that these methods end up being extremely expensive.

For the average user of Instagram looking to grow the account, these options for Instagram growth are simply out of reach. Many people just starting to grow their Instagram account, running a small business, trying to build popularity to become an influencer, and in a variety of other situations, will have a limited budget to invest in follower growth.

The option to buy real Instagram followers can be the most logical and attainable solution for the average user trying to expand their presence on Instagram. There are so many options and price points that there is bound to be something that works for the typical user.

Cons: When You Shouldn't Buy Instagram Followers

The truth is that buying Instagram followers should be done with caution. When you buy real Instagram followers from services like the one we've mentioned, you won't have to worry about many of these cons.

However, there are many companies out there that offer one thing and deliver another, or nothing at all. Let's look at the dark side of buying Instagram followers and when you might want to think again.

Bulk Follower Packages

If you see a site that is offering you bulk follower packages, turn the other way. These services look really tempting, but ultimately they will cost you more than they're worth.

When you buy bulk follower packages, they usually say something to the effect of "high-quality followers" or "real followers." Regardless, they can't guarantee that they are actually real, and if they are real, they are not likely to be connected to your niche.

So, it's typical that you'll need to buy other engagement packages, such as likes or views. This just becomes a vicious cycle of buying followers and engagements, which really doesn't lead to any valuable return on investment or conversion.

If you need a quick boost in numbers or want to see a quick increase, they might do the job. But in terms of long-term growth, it's better to buy real Instagram followers through targeted growth services that actually care about your Instagram health and reputation.

Shady Companies

Another real con of buying Instagram followers is that many companies are out there only to fatten their bottom line. They don't care about the quality of followers they sell, nor do they care about how your Instagram fares after your purchase.

They use quick-sell tactics to hook in unassuming Instagram users who are sincerely trying to gain footing on the platform, and then don't deliver what they promise, or even worse, cause you to have trouble on the platform.

Always be wary of services that promise a certain number of follower growth over a period of time, as any company that does this is essentially lying; real, organic Instagram growth cannot be "guaranteed," as there are many factors.

Many people assume that if they pay for followers, they're automatically going to explode with popularity without much work on their end. Unfortunately, real Instagram growth doesn't work this way. Growth services can bring followers to your account, but your content and brand has to be the thing that gets them to sign on as followers.

Don't be that person who berates an Instagram growth service if you're not doing your part to help your growth along. That being said, avoid companies who are very vague about how they grow your account, companies who promise large numbers of follower growth, or companies with shady business practices in terms of price and ways you can pay.

Always read the terms of their service and make sure that everything is transparent and on the up and up before finishing the sign up process.

Instagram is Strict

The final con to buying Instagram followers is that you might find yourself in hot water with Instagram. When you buy followers from services that give you bulk follower packages or use Instagram bots and automation for their growth, Instagram could flag your account.

What's more, Instagram could target these companies and force them to shut down. They also pay extra attention to follower type, and often clear out fake followers. So, if you purchased a bunch of followers that aren't real or active, they could drop off of your account, effectively wasting your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

You're not the first to have a few questions about buying Instagram followers. Here are the two most common questions with our best answers:

  • Is it safe to buy Instagram followers? The answer is yes, as long as you buy from a reputable growth service that cares about the safety of your account as well as your reputation. Always pay attention to the method of growth and the terms of service.
  • Does buying Instagram followers work? Again, pay attention to where you buy followers from and it can provide you results that you need. Don't buy from shady companies or ones that promise the world.

All in all, the best advice we have for you is to buy real Instagram followers from services like Growthoid or GrowthSilo that use your targeting instructions to find you valuable followers connected to your niche.

Conclusion: Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers From

You've got a good starting point of 5 services that can provide you with great Instagram growth, and frankly, if you choose one of them, you'll see that buying Instagram followers isn't the disaster that many people might think.