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Amazon's Alexa service will be available on more devices this year. Amazon

Burger King released a new ad on Wednesday that intentionally sets off Google Home assistants. The man in the commercial is holding a the fast food chain's signature Whopper while explaining that 15 seconds just isn't enough time to describe the sandwich.

He then says "But I've got an idea," and when the camera gets closer he declares, "Ok Google, what is the Whopper Burger?" Cue Google Home assistants everywhere spewing information about Whoppers. The ad is an innovative way to make a lasting impression on possible customers, even if it does have the potential to annoy them.

Burger King was likely inspired by all the times commercials and TV shows have accidentally set off home assistants.

Like this time the Cookie Monster was doing an ad for Apple and ended up setting timers on unsuspecting iPhone owner's phones. He says, "Hey Siri, set time for 14 minutes," and then "Hey Siri, play me waiting playlist," and later "Hey Siri, check the timer."

Or this AT&T commercial, where a man asks "Hey Siri, what's AT&T's latest offer?"

The there was this Pixel commercial, where a Pixel user says "Ok Google, show me Korean restaurants in Boulder." One Google Home owner from Florida said the commercial would set off his device every time it came on TV.

And this Google Home commercial that aired during the Super Bowl and caused some Home devices to go on the fritz because the phrase "Ok Google..." is said so many times.

And maybe the funniest of all, when Alexa accidentally ordered a small girl a dollhouse and four pounds of cookies, it made the news, then the news broadcast accidentally triggered reactions from devices in the homes of those watching the broadcast. At the end of the broadcast about the story, the anchor says, "I love the little girl's take on it, 'Alexa ordered me a doll house.'"

Luckily, settings can usually prevent rogue purchases like this from happening. But for now the technology is still so new that it may continue to respond when it hears its name.