Today on 60 Sec Tech: Apple ruled Christmas traffic but gets slapped on the wrist in Taiwan, and a video game charity has raised ten million dollars. Reuters

Guess you can’t have everything you want for Christmas.

Apple got dominating control of the market, crushing Android and Windows Mobile in both traffic and shopping purchases. To clarify, that doesn’t mean that Apple sold more devices than the other two major OSs - it means that their products were used more often and were used to make larger holiday purchases. Basically, you were more likely to find someone shopping on eBay or Amazon using their iPad to do it than a Galaxy S4. Some argue that these statistics (reported by IBM) prove that iOS is the superior system...but it could be that Apple users are more inclined to shop on mobile devices.

Regardless of user shopping habits though, Taiwan is not happy with Apple. The Taiwanese Fair Trade Commission fined the company $666K US for price fixing - Apple Asia, Apple USA’s East Asia affiliate, was dictating the price retailers could charge for the iPhone 5. The fine is only affected by sales in Taiwan, even though the island nation is technically claimed by China (whose largest carrier, China Mobile, has just begun carrying the iPhone 5). In reality, $666K isn’t a lot of money to Apple, but the Taiwanese FTC imposed the fine anyway.

Time for more pleasant news. “Gaming for Good,” a videogame charity fronted by notable celebrity game “Athene,” has passed $10 million in donations. The charity is given copies of games by publishers and developers, which it then “sells” to anyone in exchange for accrued points. And how do people acquire points? By donating money to the charity. This way, the money goes to the charity instead of the corporations, and gamers still get the titles they want.

Merry Christmas, indeed.