It’s hard to imagine that a bargain brand like Vizio, first appearing in illustrious retailers like Kmart, could build the best television in the world. But that’s what they’re telling people.

Their new line, called the “Reference Series,” will be officially unveiled this week at International CES 2014 in Las Vegas. The smaller model is a modest 65 inches, but Vizio’s party piece is the 120-inch big boy, complete with 4K display, five HDMI ports and WiFi connectivity. Samsung’s darling 110 OLED TV seems plebeian in comparison, if Vizio is to be believed. No pricing has been announced yet, but expect to pay upward of $10,000 for the flagship 120-inch.

In other CES news, the French developer Parrot will unveil two new drones this week in LAs Vegas. The first is a small ground unit named Sumo, a wheeled, chunky piece equipped with a camera to capture video and a “foot” of sorts to bounce it about three feet in the air. The second is the MiniDrone, and it’s basically a scaled-down version of the company’s popular AR Drone. Pricing hasn’t been released for either of the drones yet.

And last, T-Mobile just struck a deal with Verizon to acquire low-band spectrum holdings in nine of the top 10 major U.S. markets. Low-band spectrum signals basically boost cell service in traditionally poor reception areas like houses and rural zones. The deal should be finalized in the summer, giving T-Mobile more momentum as they attempt to solidify a stronger position in the U.S.